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Tuesday, January 30, 2007


I don't understand why young people are blamed for the rampant use of the n-word when generations before them have used it and basically established in their minds that it's acceptable, and hip hop is far too diverse to be labeled a cancer. The industry that's more concerned with its bottom line is the problem.

Young people definitely need to be more aware, but I don't think we should point the finger at the child and not the parent, or the representative and not the organization.

Cheril N. Clarke

Well, as for the stereotypes I'm on the side of making your life the opposite of them thereby discrediting them. That goes for the LGBT community as well. There is the stereotype that all we’re all freaks who just party and have sex. We can change that by showing otherwise. The more 'normal' gay people come out the less people will view us as perverts, freaks and party animals.

You are right. Statistics don't lie and from what I recall, a quarter of African-Americans are on welfare. That is sad. We have made have made progress, but there is still much work to be done. You can probably blame the introduction of crack cocaine for the setback, but we can continue to recover and move forward. The systems that are there to 'help' actually do more damage in my opinion. When the great depression was going on and even skilled workers had a hard time providing for their families it was indeed necessary (welfare). Today, however, I think most government assistance is a hindrance, a trap, and an incentive not to work. I don't think it should be completely taken away because people do need help from time to time, but I think it needs to be reformed.

Anyway, we are getting way off topic...good dialog exchange.

This is definitely nothing new as someone said. This is as much a part of white greek life(hell young white life)as large red plastic cups filled to the top with beer and Rohypnol. That doesn't mean people should accept or dismiss it. We really should model ourselves after Jewish people in this respect. How would they respond?

"on television scantily clad Black woman prance across our screens bouncing"

Whoa, hey let's not be so quick to judge. Ki Toy and Jessica Rabbit never hurt anyone. They're good Christian girls just trying to pay their tuition.


Well, I do think you are blaming the victim, since the system is set up against people of color no matter how many say it isn't, statistics provided by the US government don't lie, black people are still at the bottom of just about everything indicator of life in this country, rivaled only by native Americans, and with Hispanics catching up fast on the wheel of poverty and all that goes along with it. Its easy to say pull yourself up, but, when you aren't given the tools or a fair shot to do so, its just hollow words.

And, back to the stereotypes, sure they abound, but, I don't see a need for anyone to perpetuate them, especially a white man with black paint smeared on his face to an audience who finds it amusing, all the while practicing their own form of bigotry. Some of the same ones who may find it funny, may also be the same ones who can't figure out that its a "joke" when a black woman might apply for a job.

I however do agree with you on the use of the n-word, that is the most vile word in the world, and yet, blacks spew it more than anyone else, under the guise of endearment. That said, its due to the fact that they don't know their own history, lucky for me I do, and I am quite sadden at the lack of self respect from this generation of poor blacks, fueled by rap-crap and its negative depiction of blacks to sell records, who, it seems are doomed to perpetual underclass and fostering the bigoted views of so many around the globe, and not just whites.

First of all I think there is more than one anonymous poster on here. I do see your point on many of the issues and on some I agree. It does seem that no matter what anyone says on here you see no ones point but your own. I guess there is really not point in continuing this battle because in the end no one is really a winner. Are they?

Cheril N. Clarke

Yes, they are. Why is it that when someone gets mad at a Muslim who has a beard and wears a turban they yell terrorist or some other similar term? It's because of the terrorist acts. That does not mean all Muslims are terrorist, but it does mean that is where the stereotype stems from.

All black women are not as Shirley Q, but there are some. That is why I say the stereotype is born out of truth and people do not want to admit it. Every race has its group of people who are bad in the eyes of others. That is where the terms trailer-trash, hood rat, cheap Jew and terrorist Muslims, etc. come from. As I said before, they are generalizations on a group based on the perception of a few (from that group.) I'm sorry, but that logic does not fail. It doesn't make it right (to generalize), but it's true. Just as someone stated that all white people hate and envy us. How can you prove that?

The show you speak of I have never seen so I can't comment on that except to say that is one example against how many other interracial couples. As a matter of fact, how many women of color call their own children the N word? Come on, now. Is that any different? Does that make it any better? Go to the projects and count how many times you hear it from parents to their children. I'm not speaking from the angle of someone looking down either. I'm speaking from the angle of someone who has been there and seen/heard it. (not from my parents, but others)

I don't go around blaming the victim, but I'm not an advocate of making excuses for one's lack of advancement.


Stereotypes are rooted in truth? Now, that's a first for me. So, all black women are like Shirley Q Liquor? All young black men in baggy jeans are thugs and hoodlums? All gay white women look like men in flannel shirts? That logic fails big time.

And, interracial relationships? I guess you should have saw the Paula Zahn show, where the biracial woman's family had a melt down when her white Mom,called her brother the n-word, so, don't think that a couple of "enlightened' folks who can see past race with one person, can't do it with a whole group. Throwing out such vague excuses and reasons for racism is as bad as the act itself and the flip the station if you don't like it is a total cop out as it only allows this sort of vile bigotry to keep going on.

And, the give away is to blame the victim for their plight in life, why not be real and admit, bad schools are part of life for the poor, black, white Asian and Hispanic children. And, its the politicians who answer only to the constituents who know how to fight for funding, not the ones who are struggling to keep a roof over their heads and food in thier kids stomachs. Typical line from the "conservatives" blame the victim, not the system set up to keep them out of the so called mainstream. And, don't dare utter the word racism, its long gone from the American mind.

Cheril N. Clarke

What about people who are the product of an interracial relationship? Does their white parent envy and hate them? That was quite a blanket statement.


This is nothing new, as far as I am concerned. With new technology such as myspace and other forms of communication, people have the ability to show off ignorance in many forms. However, I feel that Black people need to understand that White people envy and hate us at the same time.

Cheril N. Clarke

I was trying to leave this topic alone, but again, it's in my inbox.

Who is to blame for stereotypes?

Whichever group is being stereotyped is who to blame--white, black, Muslim, ghetto, Jew, Indian, etc. The fact is that stereotypes are rooted in truth. People don't like to admit it and own up to it, but that is the truth. It is a generalization about a group that has some truth in it. (That doesn't make it right, but it's the truth)

As far as the recent controversy of the Shirley Q. Liquor character, to be honest, I'd never heard of this man or his act until I saw the story in my inbox via this blog feed. I wasn't offended; actually I didn't feel anything. Why waste my energy on it? A number of people may disagree that it is a 'waste of time' to let certain acts go unchecked, but to me it is a waste. A better way to eliminate negative stereotypes is to snuff the life out of them by being the opposite. The people who are being made fun of need to see the ugly truth. If you don't like being pointed at for being on welfare and having a lot of children then work toward getting off and use birth control. Don't make excuses for why you are where you are in your life. Granted, we don't all have a strong foundation to have a good start in life, but we all have the opportunity to better ourselves somehow. If people can come here from other countries and not know one word of English yet still carve out something for their families then what is wrong with us?

Regarding the N word, I personally don't think it's okay to use it regularly or as a term of endearment. Using it cheapens you, it's puts you in a lower class. A lot of things that people talk about, complain about, gossip about, etc., are class issues, not race issues. If they are not class issues, they are financial and economic issues. I get sick and tired of people blaming every thing on their race rather than looking the mirror at themselves and at their people. It is true that some people have 7 kids and are on welfare. It is true that some people still think speaking correct English is 'talking white.' It is true that some people think it's fine to buy a $30,000 car and still live in the projects. It is true that some people don't know etiquette. They don't know that they shouldn't chew gum on a job interview, have rap music on their voice mail that is given out for professional use, they don't know that you're not supposed to put juice in wine! (PSA: It's not that type of drink, people) I digress. It is true, sadly, that some people don't realize we're all playing a big game and in order to succeed you need to know the rules. White America this and White America that--yes, at the end of the day the color of my skin is not white, but people need to get rid of the mentality that white equals right, that white automatically equals better off. People need to get rid of the attitude that something is owed to them just because of the color of their skin. I've had this discussion and others surrounding race a number of times with people of different ages within the African-American community and what I find is a lot of the older folks say that the younger generation (mine) is too far removed, that we don't see racism when it's right in our faces. I say that we don't go looking for it under ever rock. I am not saying that racism doesn't exist because it does, but not every single issue is white against black. It wastes so much energy to complain about things and blame in on race, especially if they really aren't harming you. If they were really harming you and blocking your progress to success then that is another story, but that energy could be better used in learning something new, mentoring someone, ultimately being the change that you want to see in society and breaking down those stereotypes.

Also, I saw someone bring up Ms. Peachez, who character is just as degrading. There are a bunch of people who do this 'act.' If it entertains you then fine. If it offends you then change the channel (website). The same thing goes for BET and rap videos. If you don't like it, change the channel.

I wish for once that more people would focus on the positive contributions of African-Americans. The black CEO's, the black political leaders, the black doctors, lawyers, and CPAs who run their own practices and firms (or work for others). I wish people put more positive aspects in the light so that younger people have more than sports and music to look at as a 'way out.'

I could go on, but I'll stop there.


Anonymous poster, take a chill pill and get off line, this board is making you ramble. You are exerting way too much energy and hate into this nonsense, and yet blind to the fact that some find the act offensive. Instead of spending hours digging up other racist acts to say are worse than Mr. Knipp, why not take the time to find out why some, and notice I said some, black people are offended by a welfare mother with 19 kids who are named after STD'S, and who can't utter sentence that anyone can understand,even the average black person can understand what this Shirley Q Liquor is saying.

You are really one sad player if all you have in your life is promoting a two bit comic day in and day out. Get out and enjoy life, try meeting some real black people, you might be surprised that few fit that stereotype he calls comedy. But, that would be too easy, much easier to sit back and hurl insults to anyone who does not agree with you on him/her/it.

But, somehow, I think all we will see are more obscure bigots from Youtube and catty insults to JC.


anonymous, ur an idiot. You probably work for GLAAD. Idon't think she's hiding the fact she worked for glaad, u must not have read her previous writing on glaad. everyone knows she workd for glaad, that's why she can say what she does cause she ws on the inside. id have left them off my resume too shit they are a group of white racist assholes.


You're always bashing GLAAD. Why don't you disclose the fact that you worked for them in your bio? Got something to hide?


Peachez is nothing, have you heard of Mr Pregnant? - if you're offended by Knipp, I'm not sure how you'll react to him cause he's quite vile..and he must have had over 5million views on youtube. Just look him up and see for yourself.

There was also another youtube member, white contrary to Mr Pregnant, who specialized in doing prank calls as old black ladies. He's been banned from youtube numerous times, and he's now on revver with hundreds of videos (he has several drag characters like Knipp) - But I won't reveal his name, cause he's particularly annoying and troubled imo and he's best left to obscurity where he belongs.

All this to say, there are plenty of people doing these kind of stuff..if not youtube or parties, but also on forums etc..and often times it's black people themselves who poke fun at stereotypes ("my weave"!) - but truly, when you think of it whites are made fun also for their stereotypes, even though it applies to subcultures like preps, emos, blonds, jocks, wiggers etc..I'm sure it can be hurtful to them as well.

Why did you block my IP? Can't take intelligent criticism?

Now, as I was saying:

First you're trying to blame one small-time comedian, who hardly anyone's ever heard of (at least up until your recent publicity campaign on his behalf), for ALL the negative stereotypes of blacks out there. Are you trying to reach out to the dumb and the uneducated? Because I think most people, black or white, can see that that's a load of crap. Ask someone who's been mugged, robbed or had a loved done murdered by a black person if they get their negative stereotypes from Charles Knipp. But I guess you have no choice but to keep pressing that preposterous argument, because otherwise your crusade against Knipp would be revealed as utterly ludicrous and insane.

Then you blame everything on the slave owners, who are all dead and gone. So it's the dead people's fault.

Then you blame the white people for decades of institutionalized racism. Well, I wouldn't dispute that, but you've also had 140 years since slavery was abolished and 40 years since the civil rights movement began, and decades of affirmative action, so why haven't you gotten anywhere? Why are blacks STILL doing so poorly, at least according to you? Who you gonna blame for that? Never mind, I know, it's the evil white people always out to get you. You wouldn't want to ever take any responsibility for your own life and your situation.

Then you blame the evil college kids at the fraternity party. Ok, so they should be put in a concentration camp or something because they're imitating images you can see any hour on MTV, usually performed by black people.

Then you blame the "brain washed [sic]" black people for not spending their whole lives whining and screaming about how slavery and racism has ruined their lives. Perhaps it's because they're OVER IT and ready to move on with their lives? But not if you can help it, bent as you are keeping the self-righteous fires of self-pity and white liability burning.

"the systematic dehumanization of Black slaves was the initial trauma and as their descendents [sic], we have borne the scars"

As far as I know, "dehumanization" is not genetic, and it is not a disease or addiction, so you weren't born with it. Where did it come from then? Did your parents teach you that you're a slave and will always be a slave? If so, they would have done you a better service by teaching you to derive strength from your self and not from attacking the whites and trying to make them pay for 200 years of slavery.

Is there anybody left you haven't blamed yet? I suppose you consider yourself to be stainless and free of all racism. How very lucky we are to have such an exemplary model.


You need to stop generalizing. WHy what these students did was bigoted and ignorant, I view this as the twisted acts of individuals, not some macroindictment on all White people. I have intimate relationships with WHite, Asian, and Latin people who are not racist and are loving to me and loved by me. It is ridiculous for you to view these incidents in such overbroad terms. My generation of people of color realize that racism still exists, but we don't let it poison our relationships with WHite people the way it apparently does you. We date, socialize, and marry people based on their individual characteristics and don't convict all Whites based upon the actions of a few. And yes, healing, not toxic wrath, is indeed the answer.

Hey anonymous poster, like good old boy/girl Chuck, you have a right to try and equate uncouth, out of touch blacks with the same brush you do Knipp, harmless comedy. its low self esteem on one side, and racist on the other, and why do you keep flooding this board with the lame attempts to prove your point? You tube isn't America, a bunch of homebound shut ins with no people skills at best. Your choice to spend your day digging for "facts" that will substantiate your point, but, its kind of odd, but, not unexpected, that you won't comment on the college students in black face, and their humors take on blacks. Or, post the white drag queen in Atlanta who was so disgusted by one of Chucks reviews, that she quit the club he performed in. But, that would not serve your purpose of trying to find coverts to black face humor, would it now?

Thank goodness the national press is getting a hold of this, and there hopefully will be some legislation for the hate speech and acts that are spreading like wildfire in the name of humor and cough, cough respect for people I've known.

You are focusing so much energy on Chuck Knipp. What about Ms Peachez? What is she/he saying about his own race? She/he is all over YouTube!


There seems to be so much anger behind your blog. Why don't you use some of that energy to promote all the good and all the achievements black people have made? Keeping one comedian from performing an act you find offensive is not going to change the way Americans view things. There is so much more you can do with all of this wasted energy!

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