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Wednesday, January 31, 2007



denmark v.



I just recently arrived back from a trip called Sojourn To The Past, where students from the bay area are taken to the South and are given an educational "tour" to where we meet civil rights activists such as John Lewis, Rev. Billy Kyles, and Minnijean Brown-Trickey.
I have stood on hallow ground, talked with the man who spent the lasts minutes with Martin Luther King, the reciter of dreams, and met people burned by hatred; Elizabeth Eckford.
If there is one thing that I have learned, it is that one must be selfish; if my brothers and sisters are not free of hatred, then I, I am not free of such things.
I am a gay white male who is 17 years old, and I am brought to a place of darkness when viewing the material such as this. In no way do I want this man representing my community, to represent me. In no way had I even concieved ignorance such as this to be still thriving as boldly as it is.
God has given worlds of wisdom, and everyday I learn something new with His gifts of knowledge. I just want to thank you for giving me insight on this matter, for I have not seen this anywhere but here... Keep up the fight. You are truely an activist for the people.


Thank GOD that Mr. Charles is only a one hit wonder and that his carreer is almost over. But my question is, what other white person is going to come out and make racist statements and try to make a carreer out of it. I would hope that this wouldn't be a new "fad" with white people. I've come to learn that almost all of the white people that I have ever known have the type of attitude that nothing can touch them and that there shyt doesn't stink. Sorry but I love my girlfriends hips, lips, and anywhere else that she was blessed. People (white) are so scared of things that are so different. But in the latino, and black community we have conquored so much. And now we have white people trying to be "in our mix". Get over it, were taking over and your played out.

Denmark Vesey

Distracting smart evolved black people to discuss him for more than 5 minutes - is a win for SQL.

Our energy should be focused on generating the images we feel empower us as opposed to reacting to images that don't.



As of now SQL isn't showing up on the Factory's calendar - even on their Anniversary night (2/18). I can't imagine they'd have him/her perform and not promote it.


Knipp's a coward, he's proven that by his act, and his actions whenever someone wants to challenge him on his act, so of course he won't debate anyone. If he was smart enough to debate, he would be doing real satire, no merely mocking others. He's just basically your typical bully and nothing more.


This back and forth is funny, you know the "drama" of it all, but ultimately it's still a waste of time and energy.

Jasmyne, I can't dog on you for this crusade completely, cause this is how I found out about your blog..but you're so eloquent, and obviously you "rallying skills" are impressive, evantually it'd be great to read your take on a variety of topics as well. There's so much going on in politics, LGBT, race relations, entertainment, music, etc that I think focusing all this attention on Mr Knipp is sort of a time burner..


"Don't be scurd Charles of a real Black woman."

I love this shit. LOL


Proud and Out Shirley Fan is apparently too embarrassed by his love of racist humor to sign his name.


Since when is trying not to offend someone only one persons standard of decency?

I honestly don't understand it, how can people not realize that Blackface hurts people? How can people not realize that these stereotypes at these parties are not funny, and that they're making fun of real people? It bugs me that people do this and expect people not to be upset, then turn around a get upset themselves when the people they're offending stand up for themselves.

I just don't get it.

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