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Monday, November 27, 2006



A year from know we will know if the comedians and rappers care more about their race, dignity or their money. Many of them built their fortunes denigrating black people. Only time will tell.


The term nigger or nigga has been used for years. Doesn't make it right, doesn't make it wrong. However, as I have grown older, I noticed how upset I feel hearing us call each other that word. I was shocked about the actor using the word, but then I recalled when Kanye West said it's cool if a White person calls him a nigga!!! I run a support group for GLBT youth of all colors. There was a 17 year old White girl who said she calls some friends nigga because it means an ignorant person or being cool. I stopped her in her tracks and explained what the word ORIGINALLY means and how the dictionary has added various meanings over the years. The word was used to degrade African people and we as a society have forgotten this. Micheal Richards used the word because it is so common with Black people in everyday language, BUT he used it to do what the word originally means: degrade and reduce the value of Black people.

Stuffed Animal


In a slightly different context, nearly everything you've said here applies to the words "queer" and "dyke." To me, indulging in casual use of "nigger" is like dragging the chains of slavery behind you, and calling yourself a "queer" is like carrying a piece of bonfire kindling (faggot) around in your pocket. Like alcoholics, we choose to treat our addiction to lethal language with the old "hair of the dog that bit you" technique. It doesn't work!


I am glad that someone finally acknowles how harmful a word this is but sad that it is coming from so few. I come from a family who does not use that word casually. I came from a family that was very active in the civil rights movement. My uncles all went to jail. My grandmother went to jail everytime her youngest son protested because lawmakers thoguht they could keep young blacks protesting by doing so but it didn't work. So, not all black people are ok with the word and not all of us use it casually. There's a lot of meaning and pain behind it and it's a shame that all black people can't see that and stop using it for "entertainment."

Thanks for the blog.

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