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Monday, November 27, 2006



I'm reaching for my blood pressure medication as I read this. Two (2) lesbians, no drag kings, Debra Wilson, Irene Monroe, so many others could have been but were not.

Ramsey, I hear you but the magazine says it is for the Black, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community. I think they hit gay and trans men, I don't know if there were any bisexuals, certainly no bisexual women. And, the community made the choice.

Jasmyne, I'm happy for you. You deserve recognition. However, same thing, different day.

Women, even in the Black Gay community, are still not recognized if they could only consider two women and all of those men.


Boy what a wonderful time you guys must have had. I wish that I was there! It is so nice to be rewarded by your own people.


I stand corrected...only 2 lesbians...the other 2 were drag queens. Hopefully in '07 more lesbians will be recognized. But the magazine caters mainly to gay men, so I can understand.


Just a bit disappointed in only 3 or 4 Lesbians getting awards. We've got more sisters doing their thing than what the awards reflected.


Thanks so much, this was fantastic!!!


Thank you for the update! Haven't read about anywhere else yet. You look fab as also!

Joseph E.

Jasmine, so did all 150 nominees accept their award that evening, or did CLIk announce a "Top 25"?

Nyah Molineaux

Damn, every where you go you always look as fine as hell. Can you give a girl some fashion secrets. Thanks!!

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