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Tuesday, October 17, 2006



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I will not support Hillary Clinton for president
I will not support Hillary Clinton for president



HRC House Negroe

jasmine should be more CAREFUL about what she says. We house negores here are HRC have instructed HRC not to support NBJC anymore. at the end of the day it's because of HRC that NBJC is around and thanks to Donna Payne. think about that next time you want to say something about HRC. HRC is doing what groups like NBJC can only dream of. you survive only because we allow you to.

I heard y’all downing the hell outta HRC and other “WHITE ORGANIZATIONS” but what about the NBCJ , NAACP or other “BLACK ORGANIZATIONS”
That’s supposed to be for the black people by the black people. None of y’all are downing them. We as black people are so quite to blame everyone else but ourselves,
SOCIETY, THE POLICE, THE SYSTEM, THE SCHOOL, THE MAN WHITE. If y’all take a step back, you will see that your shit stink too. Instead of seating around complaining, why don’t you get off your ass and do something or be about something. Why do you have to wait on other people or groups to better ourselves or our lives. I agree that it’s not up to HRC and other organizations to get involved in the black community-it’s (us) the black people that needs to be involved in our community.

ASK yourself this question- Even if HRC was to do more for the black community, how many of y’all would actually ATTEND, SUPPORT, VOLUNTEER AND/OR DONATED?


O.K. Enough hating already. Tyrone Gardner is being laid to rest properly.That's all anybody wanted. Allot of people missed the boat concerning his death and burial, so one group can't be blamed.

Hopefully all groups concerned won't missed the boat on what just happened in Texas.

What happened was a deliberate miscarriage of justice because the district attorney did not want to prosecute the case.

The victim was gay bashed because the attacker saw him kiss another man outside a restaurant.

This guy's case was dismissed over one letter. Denton County officials spelled his his name spelled "McGee." His Name is "McKee." This was done on purpose because all other correspondence with his name on it had the correct spelling. The district attorney called him and asked him to drop the case. The victim said no. Suddenly his case was dismissed because his name on the court document was miss-spelled. He and his friends are protesting in front of the Denton County courthouse. The victim will refile. Is this B.S. or what? Geesh! Lets not forget about the real issue. Gay rights for all.

First of all- why is it up to HRC and other groups to do something for our community-why can’t our community do something for our community?

First of all- why is it up to HRC and other groups to do something for our community-why can’t our community do something for our community?

First of all- why is it up to HRC and other groups to do something for our community-why can’t our community do something for our community?

Sista Danetta Lewis

Joe obviously doesn't know what the term "House Negroe" means and he's probably just trying to defend his Black staffers who are angry. It's funny though that he seemed to focus on what HRC has done in the past (which ain't much as far as Blacks are concerned) and the "House Negroe" thing, but can't seem to answer the question as to why the silence on the death of Michael Sandy. I'll tell you why, because HRC don't care about Black folks, at least not poor Blacks who troll the Internet looking for sex and get beat down and hit by cars and die. Michael Sandy's life doesn't mean the same as say a Matthew Shepard. Call it for what it is. Fuck HRC and you can quote me. I sent this to the Nation of Islam.


i love you jasmyne. my suggesstion would be to boycott hrc. don't work for them, don't attend their evetns, don't support them financially. as black people we need to do for our own.






go jasmine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!if you can get the president of the human rights coalition to repond to your website, then you must be the top bitch. work!

Tahsa Peterson

So i gotta say, I came here this morning expecting to see pics from your birthday parrty. Instead I see a post from the hrc president scolding you. Fuck him Jazzmin. They don't know anything about our community you keep on calling them out and maybe one day they'll get it. I see he didn't refute that they didn't issue a statement. I am sending his letter to you to my network of Black millitant gay folks. They will love reading this. Happy birthday anyway.

Michael D.

hrc is a racist organization. i stopped diving money a long time ago. jazz was being nice when she called the blacks house negores, i would have called them worse. don't let the haters deter you jazz. we need you to speak for us.


Jasmin, after reading the hrc guys comments, i can see that you are obviosuly right. they are oblivious to what the real issue is. this just gos to prove it.

Joe Solmonese

Your anger and outrage for the horrific attack and subsequent death of Michael Sandy is understandable; however, to attack HRC’s record takes the focus off the real enemy: the criminals who attacked him. And in the wake of this tragedy, this blog makes personal attacks on HRC staff members of color. And it cannot go unanswered.

Although we immediately reported the news of his passing in our daily morning newscast and have continued to provide information to our members and the general public as the case unfolded, the reality is that HRC should have also issued a statement — and for that lack of action we take responsibility. But to claim that HRC did not respond because Michael Sandy is black is not only false but irresponsible. Our record speaks for itself. I urge you to look at what we’ve done in years past.

HRC dispatched a delegation to West Virginia to push law enforcement officials to carry out a thorough investigation of the murder of Arthur "J.R." Carl Warren Jr., the 26-year-old African-American who was beaten to death after leaving his parents' house and walking across town to a vacant house, where two 17-year-old boys beat and kicked him to death.

HRC condemns all hate crimes, including the racially motivated murder of James Byrd, an African-American man who was chained to the back of a truck and dragged to his death at the hands of white supremacists.

HRC has also partnered with local African-American organizations because we believe that having one voice is the key to moving our march for equality forward. We co-sponsored a discussion on homophobia and the black church at Morehouse College in an ongoing effort to build tolerance and understanding on campus after an anti-gay hate crime.

Contrary to your views, the number of organizations who stand proud with HRC include the Congressional Black Caucus, Congressional Hispanic Caucus, NAACP, NAACP Legal Defense Fund, National Urban League, National Minority AIDS Council, National Council of La Raza, Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund and National Asian Pacific American Legal Consortium. HRC has the distinction of serving on the executive committee of the board of directors of the Leadership Conference of Civil Rights.

On the second issue, specifically where you maligned the African-American HRC staff as being “house negroes,” I have rarely witnessed a more callous, ignorant, toxic or cheap attack.

I stand in full unison with my staff in condemning your language and the substance of your blog; it is mean-spirited and misguided to the point of being pathetic.

Our record would not be possible without the hard work of everyone — including people of color at HRC who work tirelessly to expand the many benefits and protections that all GLBT Americans enjoy today.

Michael Sandy’s death is sad and tragic and it’s a stark reminder of the work that the GLBT community and communities of color need to come together to resolve.

Joe Solmonese, President
Human Rights Campaign

Jasmyne Cannick

To Courtney:

As if I give a damn about what you think.

Courtney if you don't like what I have to say then stay the hell off my website. There isn't anything that you can say to me to make me change my opinion. From where I sit, you're a part of the problem as well.


Courtney Snowden


I get so tired of you going on these rants. It’s a waste of your time to write and my time to read. I wouldn’t have read it had I not received it from an angry HRC staffer. HRC is a great organization with limited resources, and while they have not always played well with communities of color, they have been improving greatly.

When Sakia Gunn was murdered, HRC was front and center. They provided financial support and encouraged the community to step up. They were there for her family and friends as the grieved. When James Byrd was murdered, they were there. When the two transgender youth were murdered in DC, HRC was there. When J.R. Warren was murdered, HRC quickly responded. You spend so much time unfairly discrediting the work of the organization, and you do nothing to highlight its great work.

The HRC HBCU Project provides a significant service to our nation's black LGBT youth, and helps change the climate in some of our most hostile environments - HBCU campuses. This program helps to build the self-esteems of our children. I think that’s laudable.

Many black LGBT events and programming couldn't happen without the support of the Human Rights Campaign. Importantly, Members of the Congressional Black and Hispanic Caucuses wouldn't be educated on or supportive of LGBT issues. In fact, some African-American Members of Congress rely heavily on HRC to get elected.

Jasmyne, how dare you attack the fine staff that go to work every day fighting for your rights? You should be thanking the black staff at HRC for all they do, rather than calling them "house negroes." They are on the frontlines fighting for you and me and all of black gay America. Try to say it with me…Thank you HRC and NGLTF staff for standing up for me everyday.

While I think your article doesn’t deserve a credible response, I just can’t let this stand on your website without a comment.

Courtney R. Snowden


BTW ... not an HRC defender ... I stopped giving donations to them because I agree with the comment that "The "leaders" of HRC are pathetic and they're a sham. They're not looking out for any of us, regardless of our skin color. They're only looking to feather their own nests at our expense."

I now give to LAMBDA LEGAL and BAGLY in Massachuesets ... that is a GREAT organization!


For Immediate Release:
Wednesday, Oct. 18, 2006


WASHINGTON — Human Rights Campaign President Joe Solmonese made the following statement on the attack and subsequent death of Michael Sandy, a young gay African-American man from New York City. The attack comes on the heels of the FBI hate crimes report that did not include New York statistics.

Said Solmonese:

“The Human Rights Campaign mourns the death of Michael Sandy, a member of our community, and our condolences go out to his family for their loss. We have been following the developments of the attack to learn more about the case and we will continue to work with the local organizations involved.

“This senseless attack comes on the heels of the annual FBI report on national hate crime statistics — which indicates that crimes against GLBT persons continue to be a serious problem for our communities and our nation. It is even more sensitive when it is of a dual nature of race intersecting with sexual orientation. It is ironic that this year’s FBI report did not include crimes committed in New York and many other jurisdictions. With sexual orientation remaining among the most common bias crime categories in the United States, it is critical that state and local jurisdictions address these crimes and report them to the FBI.”

The Human Rights Campaign is America’s largest civil rights organization working to achieve gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender equality. By inspiring and engaging all Americans, HRC strives to end discrimination against GLBT citizens and realize a nation that achieves fundamental fairness and equality for all.


OK ... dont be fools and play along with her hate-mongering.

What is funny when you click on the HRC link in her blog entry it brings you to a homepage with a link to the HRC Director's comments on this murder.

WAKE UP and dont believe her hype.
The evidence is right there.



Thank you for your email. Everyone at Lambda Legal understands your
concerns. In fact, within hours of being made aware of the unfortunate
circumstances faced by Tyron Garner's family regarding his burial, we
raised the balance of the funds through staff donations. Our sympathy is
with the family at this difficult time.

I hope this reassures you that Lambda Legal supports our plaintiffs long
after they are plaintiffs. Please let me know if you have any questions,
or if there is anything else I can do to help.

Rachel Katzenellenbogen
Director of Membership
Lambda Legal


OF COURSE there are RACIST GAYS ... just read the online sexsite profiles ... but I just dont buy that these organizations are racist. Not in the proactive way the blogger would like to promote. Such negativity from her.

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