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Thursday, October 19, 2006



Question: what was the role of Garner's family and his partner, John Lawrence, in the fight over Garner's burial? Where they at odds over the control of his body? Did Lawrence take any legal action? Was Lawrence barred from making any decisions? I can't find any info on this. Much appreciated.


So my question is - how does this solve the real issue here? So Lambda ponied up the remainder of the $430, in order to get an urn for Tyrone Garner's remains and a few obituaries published.

What I don't understand is why, 37 days after Garner died, when a prominent lawyer from our community had started a fund to cover the burial, that same lawyer had not checked in to see how much had been raised and didn't alert Lambda (who had sent an e-mail about the fund to Texas members) that only $225 had been raised!

I also want to know why - THIRTY-SEVEN days after Garner died, even that paltry $225 was not turned over to the family.

It's great that Lambda folks gave the remainder of the money out of their own pockets, but it's unforgivable that Mitchell Katine started a fund, got the word out on that fund to only a few people, but never checked back to see how much money had been raised.

I feel like the "leaders" of our community let Garner down, and subsequently, because no one told anyone that money was needed, let us down.

This is unforgivable and my outrage has not been squelched now that Garner got a pauper's cremation, a nice urn and a few obituaries published.

Garner deserved a real burial, which is presumably what he and his family wanted, not to be left on ice for 37 days while some in our community waited around for funds that weren't coming.

Shame, shame, shame...this wouldn't have happened if a white gay hero had died without adequate funds for a burial.

Stuffed Animal

Excellent, Jazz! This is the very definition of doing God's work.

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