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Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Jay B

ah Jasmine, not nice... this whole self righteous rage smells here... the advertising budget from this very blog for just a few days would cover all the necessary cost... so how come you didn't pick the tab? Or if you think people at lambda legal make too much money, you could have quietly written them an email and solicit for a donation. It's not that you didn't know how to reach them... It looks like they raised all the money as soon as they become aware of it. Many people here would gladly chip in few $$ as well should they know what's going on... But now, sorry, you look guilty of what you're accusing others of -- being hypocritical :-(


zjz, thank you. the bill should have been paid, but whether lambda's senior staff have enough disposable income to give $500 to their chosen presidential candidates is not really relevant to the funeral bill problem, imho.


People are confusing the money the organization has received from donors with how Lambda's employees decide to spend their salaries.

People give charitable donations to Lambda Legal so Lambda can bring civil rights litigation, not to make donations to their clients' families. It's nice that several Lambda staff members decided to help Mr. Garner's family by donating money from their own paychecks.

In response to MPetrelis's comment: like other 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, Lambda does NOT give money to politicians.


So my question is - how does this solve the real issue here? So Lambda ponied up the remainder of the $430, in order to get an urn for Tyrone Garner's remains and a few obituaries published.

What I don't understand is why, 37 days after Garner died, when a prominent lawyer from our community had started a fund to cover a real burial, that same lawyer had not checked in to see how much had been raised and didn't alert Lambda (who had sent an e-mail about the fund to Texas members) that only $225 had been raised!

I also want to know why - THIRTY-SEVEN days after Garner died, even that paltry $225 was not turned over to the family.

It's great that Lambda folks ponied up the remainder of the money out of their own pockets, but it's unforgivable that Mitchell Katine started a fund, got the word out on that fund to only a few people, but never checked back to see how much money had been raised.

I feel like the "leaders" of our community let Garner down, and subsequently, because no one told anyone that money was needed, let us down.

This is unforgivable and my outrage has not been squelched now that Garner got a pauper's cremation, a nice urn and a few obituaries published.

Garner deserved a real burial, which is presumably what he and his family wanted, not to be left on ice for 37 days while some in our community waited around for funds that weren't coming.

Shame, shame, shame...this wouldn't have happened if a white gay hero had died without adequate funds for a burial.


Peace Be Upon You, Jasmyne:

To echo the question raised by ExHack (above), where can we send donations to Tryrone's brother for the metal urn and the obituaries he would like to run/print?

Please post a response or e-mail me directly with the necessary contact information.

Elijah Muhammad (and Audre Lorde in "The Master's Tools Will Never Dismantle the Master's House" published in "Sister Outsider") said it very well when he said: "It is a shame and disgrace to the intelligence of any people to lie at the feet and doorsteps of another nation, asking, praying to be cared for. Love and unity of self and kind is the key to our salvation."

We cannot depend on others to take care of us. We must take care of our own.

I am your brother.



This is so sad. He should be buried as a hero. LAMDA legal should be ashamed. I sure hope that they do the right thing and pay for the urn and give him a wonderful service.


Obviously the blog owner has an agenda of her own. A bit too much racist hate may be coming through her blog.

I wrote Lambda Legal and informed them of her concern ... her is the reply back.

It seems once made aware of the situation they took action. Sometimes cooperation and communication is needed before hateful assumptions are jumped to ... those negative thoughts only hurt this woman and those who read her blog.


Thank you for your email. Everyone at Lambda Legal understands your
concerns. In fact, within hours of being made aware of the unfortunate
circumstances faced by Tyron Garner's family regarding his burial, we
raised the balance of the funds through staff donations. Our sympathy is
with the family at this difficult time.

I hope this reassures you that Lambda Legal supports our plaintiffs long
after they are plaintiffs. Please let me know if you have any questions,
or if there is anything else I can do to help.

Rachel Katzenellenbogen
Director of Membership
Lambda Legal



Where can we send money?




Here is information on how much the top people at Lambda Legal earn, as reported in the group's most recent IRS 990 form, as posted on www.guidestar.com. This is the direct link: http://www.guidestar.org/FinDocuments/2005/237/395/2005-237395681-021f6dec-9.pdf . Registration required, and well worth the time it takes! -mpetrelis

Kevin Cathcart
Executive Director

John Westfall
Development Director

Michael Adams
Director of Education/Public Affairs

Frances Goldstein
Deputy Director

Jon Davidson
Legal Director

Mark Gasparini
Chief Financial Officer

Eric B.

I hope money is raised for Tyrone,I am a Republican and a civil libertarian, I think in this case the Supreme Court ruled well.

In a day when Republicans should have argued and applied consistent conservative ideals they choose not to.

This case shows how prejudice can lead to people abandoning there own principles simply to please one's soul, thanfuly the constituion not one's soul was the test for

by the way you have a great blog



So Lambda leaders have lots of money to give to politicians, but they couldn't afford to help bury gay hero Garner?



1 . Adams, Michael
7/26/2004 $200.00
Jackson Heights, NY 11372
Lambda Legal/Director Of Education [Contribution]
[View Image]

2 . Cathcart, Kevin
8/6/2004 $1,000.00
New York, NY 10005
Lambda Legal/Executive Director [Contribution]
[View Image]

3 . Gasparini, Mark A
6/28/2004 $500.00
New York, NY 10011
Lambda Legal/CFO [Contribution]
[View Image]

4 . Goldstein, Frances
9/25/2003 $500.00
New York, NY 10011
Lambda Legal Defense Fund/Executive [Contribution]
[View Image]

5 . Goldstein, Frances
8/28/2003 $500.00
New York, NY 10011
Lambda Legal Defence/Deputy Directo [Contribution]
[View Image]

6 . Hill, Rick
10/18/2004 $500.00
New York, NY 10011
Lambda Legal/Dirtector of Events [Contribution]
[View Image]

7 . Logue, Patricia
10/15/2004 $250.00
Chicago, IL 60657
Lambda Legal/attorney [Contribution]
[View Image]

8 . Logue, Patricia Ms.
7/28/2004 $250.00
Chicago, IL 60657
Lambda Legal/attorney [Contribution]
[View Image]

9 . Senterfitt, Jack H.
5/28/2004 $1,750.00
Atlanta, GA 30306
Lambda Legal/Attorney [Contribution]

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