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Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Don "Stuffed Animal" Charles

Al Gore may or may not be a hater. He needs to answer for his questionable actions vis-a-vis Fred Phelps and should be given the chance to repudiate his past anti-Gay statements (circa 1984). I'm not biased one way or the other. I'm not a Democrat and would have no trouble at all denouncing him as a bigot if it came to that.

So homophobia is a "human problem," eh? Why shouldn't false Christianity and its negative influence be criticized? What's wrong with calling evil what it is? I don't understand this burning need to defend something that's indefensible. In the southern United States, you can find plenty of individuals who call themselves Christian and will say without hesitation that Gay people should be killed. I've heard it with my own ears. Believe me, there are plenty of "Christians" around who sympathize with Fred Phelps and his tactics. They just don't have the gall to do what he does. People who follow the true teachings of Jesus Christ have got to stop making excuses for the ones who pervert His teachings! They are allowing themselves to be used by Satan to spread confusion. It's mixing manna with excrement, and that, unlike being homosexual, is an abomination to God.


Homophobia exist in all parts of the world. However, Jamaica tends to have the open support of the police and political figures. I recall a number of years ago when a man discovered his son was gay and went to his son's school, threw the gay magazine at him, and let the classmates attack him. The teachers intervened and were also attacked. When the police came they were not bothered by the incident and sent the boy home and NO CHARGES WERE FILED against anyone. I still wonder what happened to the young man. It is so sad that Black people would go to such lengths to kill someone yet commit numerous 'sins' themselves and feel they won't have to explain their behavior to the maker too!! I was raised Christian, but no longer subscribe to the religion. I know there are Christians in Jamaica who are just as horrified by this crime as we are, so I will not lump them all together. The issue is people of all faiths in Jamaica should speak out against the murders of gay and lesbians from the hands of religous zealots and just plain idiots

It's not a christian problem......it's a Human problem. That's why you see people like those reggae artists and others promoting the killing of gays. The only so-called "christian" group that I've heard of that says gays should die is that crazy Rev. Phelps and his bunch. But his group has been denounced by just about every christian denomination (yes....the "bible thumping ones")and deemed a "cult". Plus, Phelps is a big supporter of the democratic party (supported Al Gore's presidential campaign). Gore had him at the white house as a guest because of his contributions. Does that make democrats evil and gay bashers because he identifies with their political ideology and embraces them?

It's a human problem.....


1. I have been to Jamaica on numerous occassions and I have meny jamaican friends and I live in another caribbean island so i know of what i spak. Jamaica is a tough place for gays. Period! My friensd do gerat job of living there but it is not easy.
2. For a christian society one would think that more time and energy would be spent in decreasing the murder rate, decreasing hate and improving human rights for all instead of victimising gays , instaed of criticising others for higlighting the fact that gays are treated horribly in jamaica.

3.There are many Jamaican immigrants to the USA , the UK and other places . Why if it is so great there do they leave? I know many gay jamaicans that have emigtaed because of fearing for their lives.

4.You can't have it both ways. beanie man and TOK want exposure to international audiences, they leave jamaica to do so. therefore they must expect to live by the laws and expectations of the places they go to. Period!

Don "Stuffed Animal" Charles

I didn't say that Christians were behind Gay genocide. I said Bible-based homophobia was behind it, and I singled out "Christian" (note the quotation marks denoting sarcasm) fundamentalism because its anti-Gay rhetoric is so widespread. While it's true that other religions are homophobic as well, it's the so-called Christians who are stirring up most of the hatred in North America. I am also a Gay Christian. I do not identify with fundamentalists. They do not follow the same teachings that I do. They follow a twisted facsimile of Christianity that is evil. As an adherent of true Christianity, I can neither make nor accept excuses for their reprehensible behavior toward God's Gay children.

Dancehall Reggae artists may or may not identify as Christian, but they've certainly been known to use Bible scripture to justify their attacks on us. Most of the foreign governments that execute homosexual men codify anti-Gay religious texts in their laws. As for Christian Gospel artists, a lot of them are nothing but fundamentalists. I know that Amy Grant and members of the Winans family have said some very bigoted things about Gay people in the past. They don't have to go to the point of saying that Lesbians and Gay men should be murdered to qualify as bigots, and professing Christianity doesn't negate their bigotry. There's absolutely no getting around it: Virulent religious-based intolerance, particularly the kind practiced by "Christians", is the primary reason Gay people all over the world are persecuted.

How did this become an anti-christian bashing???? Oh I forgot....christians are the reason for all the bad things in the world including cruelty to animals, global warming, and high gas prices. (sarcasm)

Two innocent girls lost their lives to the hand of a crazed jilted lover. The murder rate for women (straight or gay) has more than trippled over the past few years in Jamaica. There is a hatred and disregard for women by black men there and other places.

I'm gay and go to a christian church, the one many of you would hate. Honestly, out of 365 sundays, I've heard maybe 1 sermon against homosexuality (marriage). But on gay forums I come across an anti-christian reference or commentary at least once or twice a week.I'm gay....but sometimes I think there is a very strong anti-Christ spirit among our community which hurts our cause. Like it or not, there are ALOT of christian gay blacks that won't compromise on their belief in Jesus Christ for a gay march or parade. There's the Rastafar religion in Jamaica mixed with other beliefs that contributes to their hatred of gays and women.

Ok I'm done, ....proceed on with the christian bashing for all the problems in the world. lol

Jesus was like gay people and from a educational perspective, he WAS one of us! Did your minister tell you brainwash flock of sheep that? Therefore, maybe you so called 'Christians' should be real careful using God name to hate people. You pretend to love gay folks but you damn sure no you hate us!

"Jamaica is hell on earth for gays"

Like any of you would know! Oh but because amnesty say it is, then it much be true!!! Worry about what's going on in your own warped country, and leave us Jamaican's to handle our own business.

Hey Christians, if you were really true Christians and represent Jesus, you guys would not used Bible quotes to attack people in the 21st century. That just shows how backwards and brainwash many of us are. Perhaps you should study more about your Jesus Christ because he was LIKE many gay people. Did you MINISTER mentioned that to you? You guys pretend to love gay folks when you are so filled with self hate. You can't claim to be like Jesus because he was nothing like you! He never went around quoting sh!t to oppress and judge people.


"Jamaican's are a deeply religious people who stick by their beliefs"

Huh for deeply religious people you sure have a high crime rate , you sure have a lot of hate there!!!

Does being deeply religious mean that you should hate and victimise a group of people ???

Jamaica is hell on earth for gays

Sorry...here's the link to the story:


In regards to my initial comment about homosexual bias being world-wide and not just associated with "christians", here's a link to the story in more detail.

It appears that the murder suspect is the former male lover of one of the girls. He encouraged the girl to sleep with a woman, but when the 2 women became lovers he left her and became enraged. This is a story of a jilted lover. I know of some american men that lost wives and girlfriends to other women...but they didn't resort to murder. This murder is a reflection of a cultural problem in Jamaica.


You are behaving as if Jamaica's the only country in the world that's against the homosexual lifestyle. Your attempts to force feed the homosexual lifestyle within the Jamaican community is sickening. Jamaican's are a deeply religious people who stick by their beliefs. They will not bow down to your demands. Neither will artists such as Sizzla, Capleton or Beenie Man.They would rather starve. Never!

Wait and see what the real reasons were behind this terrible murder, before you start spreading news about "evil Jamaican's" killing two women because they are suspected lesbians!

This story is terrible. But, I would not go as far and say "evil" Christians are behind this. I am a gay christian. I first heard of this story from a closeted lesbian living in Jamaica. She didn't blame Christians. Those reggae artists aren't Christians and I doubt the young attackers in New York are "bible thumping" Christians. Moslems, Budhist, Jews, Hindus all have teachings against homosexuality and are quite verbal about it. Some of the worst treatment of gays is found in atheist and Islamic nations. Gays are executed by governments over there...not just individuals. Government sanctioned executions and imprisonment! Gays in this country have so much more freedom than other parts of the world. But without a global vision...we tend to narrow the blame of hatred to a group whom we hate the most...."the Christians." I've never heard a christian gospel artist sing a song about hanging lesbians or shooting gay men.

Don "Stuffed Animal" Charles


This tragedy, the Kevin Aviance incident, and the LIFEbeat fiasco . . . all reminders that we are truly out here fighting for our lives. Bible-based homophobia is at the root of all the outrages we suffer. We must attack evil "Christian" fundamentalism with renewed vigor. We can't continue to let freedom of religion be used as a cover for those who indulge in genocidal anti-Gay hate speech. There must be a reckoning.

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