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Tuesday, July 11, 2006



The excuse that the lyrics are misinterpreted is pure Bullshit. Kill fags ( be it burning, hangng, shooting) is still kill fags ...

These organisers aught to be ashamed of themselves.

Promoting hate while trying to stop hate?????? How does that work???

Nyah Molineaux

As a Caribbean-American who is also a lesbian I am so glad that you and others are leading the charge against these two assholes.

My family left Jamaica/Guyana because of the lack or actually blockage of economic/educational opportunities in these areas. My family who is left there, especially in the country areas are struggling hand to foot. In these areas there is still the island mentality of gay-bashing (you already know) and AIDS being a gay disease. And if it is a disease that doesnt affect me, especially a batty man disease, why should I get tested. Thus the disease spread and my people are left dying.

It is such an insult that my people who already face these challenges are further kicked with ignorance by Life Beat supporting these fools.

If LifeBeat allow these bitches to perform, is it proper that people encourage resources from LifeBeat to be in places that are actually trying to stop AIDS.

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