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Thursday, July 13, 2006


Rebekah Lawrence

I feel sorry for gay people. You seem to try so hard to be accepted as 'normal'. I had be friended a few to understand it all. I have arrived at a medium - i have accepted the humanity of homosexuals, mmen and women alike. I believe it is wrong to disriminate or act violently towards them. Let them live how they chose.

Yet no matter how many limes i go to, how many discussions i participate in, how many parties i go to...it still seems to be a human abnormality, an over abundance of carnality in the way gays relate. The spirit of it all, (the gay community in the broadest sense) seems to be overcome by a demonic sort of energy, a sickness of the spirit.

I am sorry for every homosexual. I sympathize with your condition and pray for your transformation into wholesome human beings as the ALmighty Creator had made us all to be.

Mel Smith

I'm proud of you all. Keep up the good work!

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