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Friday, May 05, 2006


Wayne's Wurld

Truth be told. The Bishop's own Son Alfred Thomas Owens is in fact GAY. Yes, he has multiple kids but as the saying goes The Proof is In the Pudding! Let's just say Im the pudding. This family has money and know alot of High People in High Places so its easy for them to try and erase or cover things up. I just find it so hypocritical how the Owen's are, it's shameful.

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Vintage - RIchmond VA

I posted the previous comment because years later I am still hearing about this, go figure.

Vintage - RIchmond VA

I find this whole issue very sad and disheartening. As an outsider of the particular church of topic it is easier for me to be non biased. As an annointed child of The Most High it is easier for me to be non judgemental. As a Black Same Gender Preferenced Female who has compassion embedded in my spirit it is easy to see that all sides have been hurt. The Bishop spoke his mind,it's between he and God how he spoke it. God inspires the message, but man in and of his own feelings delivers it and man is not perfect. As a minister of the word of God I pray that the Bishop does not bite his tongue in the future but seeks God more on how to deliver the msg. With love and kindness has HE drawn me. I pray moreso for my LGBT community because what i have read has made me cry. We are being just as nasty and hurtful and disrespectful as we claim we have felt from his words and actions. Why render evil for evil...what does it profit any of us. See the bigger picture...let your life be an example of the truth... God's love can live in us all if we are open vessels. Live your life and don't let the life live you. Show and prove we raise beautiful children filled with the love of God, we are not all premiscuous, drug addicted, alcoholic and confused. And NOT ALL OF US WERE MOLESTED, RAPED, BEATEN, HAD HARD LIVES AND GENDER CONFUSED. Let us all stop judging, criticizing and gossiping no matter what our gender preferences are and/or our daily lifestyles and let's start loving. There is something that God has in all of us that we need to share with eachother. Also pray for the individual that started the email ball rolling. God is not the author of confusion and the original email is what put fuel to the fire, pray for that individual's deliverance from whatever it is they were/are going through. Rember "touch not my annointed and do my Prophet no harm..."


I cannot believe the obscene and verbal attacks being made in these comments. God loves us all but there are many of saved and unsaved with lifestyles that are not righteous and holy in His sight. The comments are so vulgar and distasteful that the writers have already mad there choice wher they want to spend eternity. There is no place in heaven for the unrighteous and the time is not for all of us to get right for we do not know the day or the hour when HE will return. What has any of you gained byall of this ugliness? NOTHING!!! I pray for each and everyone of you that you will open your minds and your hearts to the Will and Word of God. I have attended GMCHC on several occassions when visiting the area and I have enjoyed his sermons. You know there is usually not a sermon heard where thee are not toes stepped on....I know mine are all the time if I am honest about it. My prayer is that each of us will get ourselves right for His return and turn from our evil and wicked ways....we never want to believe the worst about ourselves
and that only the flesh. Let all get real our homosexuality was creatd m=by GOD and he did not intend for man to be with a man and a women to be with a woman. He also did not intend for us to fornicate and sin and have children out of wedlock...bur many of us have and have given our lives to Christ and asked for forgiveness. I don't hate gay people....because they are all children of God's....but there lifestyle as it is in many heterosexual lifestyles is what is not acceptable in GOD's sight. It's not Bishop and co-pastor sight but GoD's sight. They are just the vessels He uses to bring forth His Word. On judgement day we will each be called to give a areport and answer for our sins. BE READY!!! Bishop Owens you probably arfe not even reading this as I am sure you have other things to focus on....Keep preaching the Word of GOd and doing HIS will. Those of you who know the Word contiue to pray His strentgh andpray for thy neighbors and for the wretched sinfilled world in which we live. Please show some respect and reverence for God's Word His house and the man of GOD. Bishop keep praying for those lost souls and stop bashing them. If the True Word od GOD does not convivt them no amount of name calling will do it. As a man f God you know that prayer works. I will continue to pray for THE BGreater Mount Calvary Holy Church and it's congreagation.


A concerned child of God

GMCHC Member!!!

Okay.....I GO to Calvary And Know Just about EVERYONE who was mentioned in each of the emails.....(I Got the REAL emails without all the "XXXX's").....And I DONT think all of this is neccessary. Bishop is doing what He Needs to do, and Its Up to them if they wanna stay in their worldy ways....No its Not RIGHT, but Its their CHOICE! Its also No one ELSES business what these ppl are doing.
Me MYSELF got offended because Im Looking at You alls responses, and youre going off of these annonymous emails from a church you DONT go to....ME on the other hand was RAISED in the church and Knows just about EVERYONE there!!!And Before you all sit here and make ignorant comments on somethings you know NOTHING about (bcuz thats ALL these emails are equivalent to!....NOTHING), You Need to Know The REAL facts, some of this stuff is NOT true!!!!I have Family Members and Close friends on this "list" and Im SURE whoever wrote this, OR any of the ignorant comments that follows too, wouldnt be a "Real MAN/WOMAN" and say it to their FACE! You Know why? Because You Cant back up what you're saying! And even if you COULD, You would STILL look DUMB because how would YOU know if they clubbin/drinkin/havin sex/dating WHOEVER?! Either youve been there WITH them, GOSSIPed about it, or was doing something ELSE you had NO business doing! So if they were wrong, U need 2 stop and look back a what YOU are doing, cuz most likely....YOU JUST AS WRONG!!!!!!Ugh, Im Done....This WHOLE thing is DUMB and Sholdnt even be happening!

jeff hammer

In 2006 you wrote this article

Here is more news on how gays and lesbians are being treated at greater mount calvary.

can u forward this to them or to anyone who can help.. although I wanted to remain anonymous, someone has to do something. there are many that just want to feel safe and have a good religious experiences. we give tithes, many offerings, etc. we don't deserve this.

Again, I want to remain anonymous...

I was a member of a church u featured a article about a year or so ago, Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church and Bishop Alfred and Susie Owens. I just today decided to leave that place because of emails that have been going around attacking and outting gay members in our church. After this first email, Bishop Owens met with all the people from all the choirs for 30 minutes. he said he only wanted to help people who wanted help to not be gay and that he was willing to help anybody change from being gay. then said:

"the bible says that wheat and tares grow together but there are too many tares. when the tares out number the wheat I got to do something."

"I am going to meet with all the people mention in the email and use my discernment to figure out who needs to be monitored or sat down from what they do."

My name was not on the list in any of these emails but I think it is horrible. We give, pay tithes, dues and whatever and this is how we are treated. this is discrimination, humiliation, and just mean. In the other emails, him (bishop owens), children of executive leaders, and his assistant are mentioned as being gay and married. One email even says that he knows about the others and has known but they still serve and he says nothing.

I thought you may be able to update the community on just what goes on here. It is so bad that in the last email, we are turning on each other. Here are the emails. THEY WERE SENT TO OVER 300 PEOPLE AT THE SAME TIME THROUGH A YAHOO GROUP. I have remove the names of people because I don't want anyone hurt. I just want people to know how people are hurt who attend this place. everywhere you see Xxxxxxx is where someone's first and last name was.

EMAIL 1: sent December 18 or 19

Dear Bishop Alfred A. Owens:

As this year comes to a close I feel the need to get some things off my chest and out in the open. More importantly bring to your attention what continues to be a burden to me this year 2007. I just canʼt continue to stand around and watch and say nothing. I will be leaving from the choir @ the top of the year because 80% of the tenors are homosexuals and act more like a female in choir rehearsal than I do. The key players are (Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxx, and Xxxxxxx). Who all sing in the Alfred Owens Chorale! .

The following people I am asking you to monitor very closely and my pray is that you will sit them down from there ministries. Because they are ushering in a presence of sin, lies, a spirit of homosexuality, and sexual spirits. I know your next question is why and how would I know all of this information?

I am a female who has been a member of the Alfred A. Owens Chorale over five years. I have male friends in all of the choirs. However people talk in my choir and I have over heard so many conversations and pictures tell no lie. 90.9% of the tenors in Sanctuary choir are homosexual. 99.9% of all the tenors in Celebration choir are homosexual including the Xxxxxxx , but he is very undercover aka down low with his sex life. 20% of the tenors in The Voices of Calvary are homosexual. 78.9% of the tenors in the AAOC are homosexual. Txxxxxx , Wxxxxxx , and Mxxxxxx is @ the top of the list. If you were to interview any member from the Alfred A.. Owens Chorale excluding the homosexuals they would agree with me and inform you of this same information you are reading. I highly recommend you do that because people will talk we are tired, and soon every choir @ Calvary will be a gay male chorus.

Xxxxxxx currently serves on the ushers board is always @ gay parties drinking and drugging and is currently living with his boyfriend Deacon Xxxxxxx who just divorced his wife. They live in a house together in Northern Virginia . Xxxxxxx visit the gay clubs in the area weekly i.e.: The Bachelors Mill, The Delta, The Fireplace, and Halos. He also attends private sex parties that male members of your choirs are having @ there homes and hotels. Xxxxxxx and Deacon Xxxxxxx were live in lovers for 3-years until they broke up and Xxxxxxx got fired from the church and than 8 months later Xxxxxxx kicked him out the house. Now they tell folks they are just best friends. The old saying birds and feathers flock together. Xxxxxxx was @ both gay parties on 12/8 (please see pictures below).

Xxxxxxx who sings on the praise team 1st and 4th Sundays, also sings in your choir (aaoc). He lives with his boyfriend. His name is Xxxxxxx; they live together in Adams Morgan DC. Xxxxxxx was @ a party on 12/8 that Xxxxxxx (sanctuary choir) and Xxxxxxx (Calvaryʼs elect/bible study) gave which was a gay party. The following people were present from your church: Xxxxxxx who nurses, Xxxxxxx from celebration choir, Xxxxxxx from celebration. Many others were present but my friends did not know there names. They were drugging, drinking, and having group sex and everything else you can possibly think of. Xxxxxxx has also slept with 75% of the men @ Calvary , from the male ministers to the male greeters. It is my prayer that Xxxxxxx and Xxxxxxx would stop him from leading us in to praise and worship before our choir rehearsals. He is just a mess and wears womenʼs jewels and accessories

Xxxxxxx who serves on elect with Xxxxxxx and also sings opera sometimes for your love offering. He is actively living a gay lifestyle and co-joined Xxxxxxx in giving this gay party on 12/8 which I have just stated above. However you will not be seeing Xxxxxxx no time soon because I was informed that he had gastric by pass surgery. He hangs out @ the Bachelors Mills and Halos.

Xxxxxxx who sings in celebration choir, Voices of Calvary , and the male chorus. You can always catch him @ the fireplace or the bachelorʼs mill getting drunk; both are gay bars in dc. He is also with brothers united which is a gay organization for man of color. Xxxxxxxʼs organization had a gay Christmas party on 12/8 in attendance was Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxx , Xxxxxxx, and many others. After this party concluded everyone went to Xxxxxxx's and Xxxxxxx's gay party.

Xxxxxxx who sings in the sanctuary choir and celebration. He co-helped Xxxxxxxplan the gay party on 12/8. You can always find him at the bachelorʼs mill, fireplace, delta, etc. He is best friends with Xxxxxxx who also sings in celebration and is the roommate of Xxxxxxx. He hangs with most of the tenors from celebration choir.

Xxxxxxx who sings on the praise team 2nd Sundays, male chorus, sanctuary choir, and your choir the aaoc. He has sleep with Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxx, and Xxxxxxx, and many more. He befriends people in order to have sex with them. I am not sure if you are aware of it but he currently has a scandal going on with a new guy who recently joined the sanctuary choir. Who he also had sex with and now they are in a loverʼs feud.

Xxxxxxx who sings in sanctuary choir, he also bought the most guest to family and friends service. His boyfriend sings in the choir with him most of the time he sits behind him and Xxxxxxx is aware of this and says nothing about it. The entire choir knows that they are a couple. They also have matching wedding bands. 90.9% of the tenors in Sanctuary choir are homosexual. 99.9% of all the tenors in Celebration are homosexual including Xxxxxxx, but he is very undercover with his sex life. AAOC which carries your name 78.9.0% of the man in that choir are homosexual.

Xxxxxxx who is just messy, gossips, runs his mouth and is in everybody business. Heʼs always involved in he say/ she say. How did he ever become a Deacon?

Xxxxxxx sings in celebration and aaoc he sings soprano bishop. He is very messy loves gossip and has sleep with half the tenors in the aaoc and celebration: Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxx, and Xxxxxxx. It was a big scandal going on a couple of months ago with Xxxxxxx who was living with Xxxxxxx who is a Lesbian she sings alto in the aaoc evicted him out of her apt and he told a few of the choir members who he had sex with out of anger. Xxxxxxx is also aware of this. Why would elder young allow a male to sing soprano anyway? Xxxxxxx would have never allowed that!

Bishop I hope you donʼt think of me as a negative person, but these are just a few of the people, believe me when I say there are hundreds more that play church on Sunday and live a life of sin, sex and hell six days out of the week. You will also be receiving an e-mail just like this one from saved concerned members of the Sanctuary Choir, Voices of Calvary , Celebration, SCOC, and the Male Chorus I pray that you will apply this e-mail to your memory of archives and address these people. Please review the pictures below: I will have the pictures from the 12/8 party soon. It would be nice if you and co-pastor would anoint all members of the music department with holy prayer oil, along with members from other ministries @ GMCHC.

The following tenors in the aaoc are homosexual; however I will construct a list of the men that we the females of the aaoc converse about monthly after choir rehearsal. Bishop we are just trying to possibly find a godly heterosexual saved husband who loves the Lord. But we know for a fact that the following man are homosexuals because they verbally inform us and act like females in choir rehearsal and any fellowships that we might have. And there desires are to be with another man and some are currently in homosexual relationships.


Xxxxxxx (openly gay/male whore currently dating amendeus in aaoc)

Xxxxxxx (openly gay/male whore currently in a relationship)

Deacon Xxxxxxx (undercover gay/dl and best friends with Tejmun)

Deacon Xxxxxxx (openly gay/befriends people to have sex with them)

Xxxxxxx (openly gay/former drag queen)

Xxxxxxx (openly gay/currently in a relationship)

Xxxxxxx (undercover gay/dl)

Xxxxxxx (openly gay/currently dating dyson in aaoc)

Xxxxxxx (openly gay/male whore/freeloader)

Xxxxxxx (openly gay/ befriends people to have sex with them)

The following men are heterosexual and act like real man.

Xxxxxxx (really nice guy, we are hoping he comes back to the choir, he is currently dating Xxxxxxx from the sanctuary choir)

Xxxxxxx (really nice guy who loves the lord, he only sings with us like 5 times out of the year)

Xxxxxxx (really nice guy, very quiet and stays to himself, all the ladies are after him)

Xxxxxxx (really nice guy, very quiet and stays to himself)

Xxxxxxx (really nice sweet spirited guy who loves the lord and speaks his mind)

Xxxxxxx (police officer for Montgomery county, md, very nice guy he is dating a young lady in the voices of Calvary )

Xxxxxxx (Very nice guy, all about business, quiet and stays to himself, he truly loves the lord)

The following two females are lesbian and sing Alto.


Xxxxxxx (acts and dress very manly when not in the choir stands)

Xxxxxxx (she also sings in the voices)


Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2008 14:12:32 -0800
Subject: [GMCHC_MusicMinistry] GMCHC Concerned Members

Dear Bishop Alfred A. Owens:

A new year has begun and I want to thank you for letting me get a few things off my chest, the women of Greater Mount Calvary Holy Church know that you are a true man of GOD. We are so proud of you for addressing the combined choir and providing a spiritual cleansing for us to find saved heterosexual men to marry. I mentioned previously that more e-mails would follow from concerned members from all of the choirs that we know for a fact are homosexuals because they verbally inform us and act like females in choir rehearsal and any fellowships we have and they are as follows:



Xxxxxxx(openly gay/currently in a homosexual relationship)

Xxxxxxx( openly gay/currently in a homosexual relationship)

Xxxxxxx(undercover/ dl/tight clothes/known to be with men sexually)

Xxxxxxx(openly gay/former drag queen)

Xxxxxxx (undercover/ dl/known to be with men sexually/ ex-roommate/ best friends with Xxxxxxx)

Xxxxxxx (openly gay/dl/dating Xxxxxxx)

Xxxxxxx (openly gay/male whore currently in a relationship)

Xxxxxxx (openly gay/male whore/freeloader)

Xxxxxxx ( undercover/dl/ dating Xxxxxxx)

Xxxxxxx ( undercover/dl)

Deacon Xxxxxxx ( undercover/dl/ befriends people to have sex with them)

Xxxxxxx (undercover/ dl/dating Xxxxxxx from the sanctuary choir)

Xxxxxxx (openly gay/befriends people to have sex with them)

Xxxxxxx (openly gay/male whore currently dating Xxxxxxx in aaoc)


Xxxxxxx( dating Xxxxxxx in sanctuary choir)

Xxxxxxx (she also sings in the voices)

Sanctuary Choir


Xxxxxxx (openly gay/dating someone in sanctuary choir who sits behind him often and Xxxxxxx and the whole choir know)

Xxxxxxx (openly gay/plans gay parties/dating Xxxxxxx)

Xxxxxxx (openly gay/messy/dating Xxxxxxx /long hair)

Xxxxxxx (undercover/ dl/)

Xxxxxxx(undercover/ dl)

Xxxxxxx (undercover/ dl)

Deacon Xxxxxxx(openly gay/often seen at the bachelors mill and fire place/on line with a picture of himself/messy/ dl)

Xxxxxxx (undercover/ dl)

Xxxxxxx (undercover/ dl)

Xxxxxxx (undercover/ dl)

Xxxxxxx (openly gay/ dating Xxxxxxx)

Xxxxxxx (undercover/ dl)

Xxxxxxx (undercover/ dl/married)

Xxxxxxx (undercover/ dl)

Xxxxxxx (openly gay/ long hair/ female hair styles)

Xxxxxxx (openly gay/works at gay clubs/smokes)

Xxxxxxx (undercover/ dl/)

Xxxxxxx (openly gay/messy/befriends people to have sex with them/lovers feud)

Xxxxxxx (openly gay/beat up boy friend/messy/ long hair/female hair styles)

Xxxxxxx(undercover/ dl/married)

Xxxxxxx (undercover/ dl/)

Xxxxxxx (undercover/ dl/engaged/ )

Voices of Calvary


Xxxxxxx (openly gay/messy/gossips)

Xxxxxxx (openly gay/celebration)

Xxxxxxx (openly gay/long hair/female hair styles/messy/ celebration/ men chorus)



Xxxxxxx (undercover/ dl)

Xxxxxxx (openly gay/messy/gossips)

Xxxxxxx (openly gay/messy/)

Male Chorus


Xxxxxxx (undercover/ dl)

Xxxxxxx (openly gay/messy)

Xxxxxxx (openly gay/dl)

Praise Team


Xxxxxxx (undercover/ dl/use to date shelly in sanctuary choir)

Xxxxxxx (openly gay/sex parties/messy)

Xxxxxxx (openly gay/separated- divorced/ messy/Halo club/on-line)



Xxxxxxx (undercover/ dl)

Xxxxxxx (openly gay/host parties)

Xxxxxxx (openly gay/attends parties/messy)

Xxxxxxx (openly gay/bathroom watcher/on-line)

Xxxxxxx (openly gay/long hair/tight clothes)

Xxxxxxx(openly gay)

Xxxxxxx (openly gay)

Xxxxxxx (openly gay)

Xxxxxxx (openly gay)

Xxxxxxx (openly gay, dating Xxxxxxx)

Bishop many people have been named from the music ministry, but there are still hundreds more that play church on Sunday and live a life of sin, sex and hell six days out of the week in the Calvary Nation.


Subject: Enouph leaving now
Date: Fri, 4 Jan 2008 13:53:55 -0500

I do not believe that some one would gots the nerve to put my name to a list of known gays. This has gone to far, I am not going down by myself. oh no this not just going down like this and the nerve of folks to think you can just do stuff like this when its all over Calvary I not going down by myself. Talk bout rumor, it has been rumor that Bishop was gay I don’t believe that but it is a rumor.The usher board and that dag on nurse board, nothing but gay, you have to be stupied not to see it, switching and hair like women. And that ministers board, Xxxxxxx sounding like a man and looking like a woman every time you see him\her, Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxx nothing else need to be said and dat Xxxxxxx need to stay away from boys alone. All the scandals of Bishop sitting minister down for being caught as gay, and then within a moment of time they are returned and restored. Teaching them that getting married changes the heart of these men, wrong……..ask Xxxxxxx or Xxxxxxx they will tell you not so and there are many others. The greeters ministry there is not one straight man that greeted me, I have seen them in the clubs the night before and then first thing in the morning smiling greeting me. That Sneaky Xxxxxxx, think cause he told bishop that he gay means he no longer gay, when he still keeping contact and being sneaky, sneaky light will shine and truth will come out. Just look in the hole church nothing but lots gay every other seat and the women just as bad. More rumor Xxxxxxx is funny as hell always pimping all over the stage and you see Xxxxxxx in mens cloths at church on Saturdays are they gay. Lord let not with the trustees board Xxxxxxx goes through more hair do and a real big gay one been in all kind of mess with Xxxxxxx, another board with not one straight man on the board. Dat deaf ministry another set of gay that need to go to the list. Long wit Video wit Xxxxxxx, Xxxxxxx and Xxxxxxx and more rumor I heard Xxxxxxx is gay and was trying to hide behind getting married and heard bout Xxxxxxx wit Xxxxxxx this reminds me Xxxxxxx singing dressed like he still gay even if he ain’t change your dressing and Xxxxxxx falls in same category any would who can see and have a spirit of desernment know Xxxxxxx sits on organ dress like gay and dance like gay. I am done and want nothing else to do wit Calvary and as Ya’LL pastors now would say the HELL wit em.


Bishop Owens,
You keep on preaching the true word of God, He Got your back. Don't fear what man can do or say to you, but fear Him that can destroy both body and soul. The devil is mad, but who cares!

He is my Bishop and My Pastor blessed art though who speak the words of God for they shall be truly blessed but woe to you who would speak evil against the man who God has ordained for truly in the last days he who has done these things will recieve there punishment
He has no problem with Gay people themselves but the lifestyle you have chosen to lead




Have any of you Homosexuals read the story in the bible of Sodom and Gomorrah (Romans 1:18-32)???? So you think heaven is going to be filled with fags and butches??? Yeah, right. You better wake up or burn up. But if hell is OK with you, continue with your websites, parades, cruises, adopting children (messing up their minds), etc. Burn Baby Burn!! If homosexuality is so right, Why aren't gay marriages legal? Why is sodomy a CRIME (check your laws)?? Why can't 2 men or 2 women have children? Why are you spending your 401K and life savings to have those crazy surgeries. I think that all of you should go to God about the experience that turned you out and seek deliverence. Admit it or not, your lifestyle is a result of molestations, sexual experiences, diseases, incest, and all kinds of stuff. To my mother and father, I thank God for you and the Godly teachings that you instilled into me, having to go to Sunday School, and prayer over my life. You will never have to worry about my mind being so weak that I have to turn to this type of mess for attention and acceptance. God bless all of the real Christians who will not stand for, or back down to mess. Continue to pray for our brothers and sisters who are lost.


I am a member of MCHC in NC, and I have received this email. I would like to know from what Bible are some of you reading from? You know the bible in our movement is our daily instructions, your study guide, anything that you have questions on you can find the answer in the bible. Now as for the quote that was made by Bishop Owens, why all do we have all the hooplah?, you know if you are a Christian (CHRISTLIKE) you know the word says in Matt 7:1 Judge not, that ye be not judged, and if you keep reading it will give you more insight. In addition to that it states let he who is without sin cast the first stone, and I am pretty sure all of you that condemn what Bishop Owens has stated is not without SIN!!!
Also let me remind you of the bible teachings Leviticus 20:14 states If a man also lie with mankind , as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination: they shall surely be put to death; their blood shall be upon them. If you keep reading it also deals with other issues, but when you drop down to verse 26 it states And ye shall be holy unto me:(GOD-not man) for I am the Lord am holy(Now if we are made in his image we are expected to be holy as he was), and have severed (meaning he has separated man, from womam, not to be the same)from other people, that ye should be mine.
We are the LORDS creation, it is not up to man to change an identity because of self-esteem, but this is when we should pray for that individual, guide them in the direction they should go. This brings me to another point, It is time for Churches as a whole to get back into the communities and take it by force.

But what all of you fail to realize, that this Battle is not Bishop Owens, and the word states that Ye shall not need to fight(all of the individuals who do not believe) in this battle: set yourselves, stand ye still(what Bishop Owens is doing right now-standing still), and see the salvation(deliverance from destruction according to Webster)of the Lord with you, O Judah and Jerusalem:(Bishop Owens and MCHC-DC) fear not, nor be dismayed; to morrow go out against them; for the Lord WILL BE WITH YOU.....

If you do not believe pick up your word, this nothing I have made up......

Angel Rice

Too bad you all don't read your bibles. All of you dikes and fags are going to hell. Quit trying to make excuses for your lifestyle and con your way into heaven!!!!


Bishop Owens wasn't trying to hurt anyone's feelings. He is an outspoken person and felt because he's not outside but in his space he was free to speak whatever was on his mind. Freedom of speech in the church.
He's not an hypocrite because it's like he's calling gay people that behind close doors and being a fake in their face. He's was just being real about how he feels. He does not hate anyone as his bashers may think but he hates the sinful practices
that goes on in our society. Love the sinner but hate the sin.
As the world gets closer to the end more and more christians and pastors will be condemned because the stage is being set for the coming ANTI-CHRIST that opposses everything that christianity thought. That is why prayers are taken out of schools, Jesus Christ name is being removed and eventually all preachers and christians will be
thrown in jail and killed just like bible says. What has happened to Bishop Ownens is only a sign of the time.


I don't want to add to the different tones in everyone's email, however, if we all know that people make mistakes...then why is everyone now bashing the Pastor? I don't agree with the words that he used, BUT I don't think he meant it to harm anyone. He apologized so move on. It's over with. Pray for him and pray for yourself. We ALL need GOD to order our steps, our tongues, our every day walk. We are all in need of GOD's grace and mercy. No one can judge. There is only one Judge...we know this. Let go and let GOD. If you were hurt by it, go to your brother/sister and let them be the one to apologize and/or give you an explanation as to why they said what they said or did what they did. We all our held accountable for ourselves. Let's stop arguing back and forth. The bible says, "as much as lieth in you,leave peaceably with all men." We need to walk in love...in good and bad. Please, don't take this the wrong way. I'm not agreeing or disagreeing. I'm just saying we have to start somewhere. Pastors makes mistakes you. They are not perfect. We have to pray for them daily. They have to wear so many hats...because we put the hats on them. Be blessed you all. GOD is love!


This preacher unfairly and illogically compares two groups --- "real men" and "sissies and faggots". When he calls the real men down to the front of the church, it is as if the preacher is celebrating and praising "real men" simply because they prefer the opposite sex. It is well known that sexual preference does not alone make a man a "real man". A real man is many more things; he is understanding, loving, thoughtful, and responsible just to name a few. I bet that many of those "real men" who were called to the front of the church were not...at a mininum...responsible (for their sexual actions). Simply just because a man prefers a woman sexually over a man does not in itself purely constitute that he is a "REAL MAN" or "GODLY". Surely, other factors most be considered in this equation. Counseling his church members about their personal affairs, the minister should be well acquainted with what it takes to be a real man. Preaching an imprompt sermon to a metropolitan congregation in the nation's capital, the minister irrationally used the contents from the Holy Bible to profess that if gays are UNGODLY for their sexual preference, then conversely "real men" of the church are GODLY for theirs.


To God be the Glory,

The TRUTH is the TRUTH and God is ABLE.....He's able to deliver, He's able to give you a new meaning in life. Once you make the same determination as in Romans 12:1-2, then you are able to walk in deliverance and be set free from these bondages. As I have indicated before in my previous comments. It's a decision you have to be determined to make but God is able to walk with you through it all. It's not an easy tasks but you shall have consolate in knowing that you are giving God the glory as you reliniquish your gay lifestyles and become free.

I am here because I know that there's someone reading this message board who wants to be delivered and this message is just for you!! I know he can deliver you because he's done it for me and here's my saying if he can deliver ME out of this lifestyles, as much of a HO as I was back in them days, I know he can do the same for you.

While some may argue the scripture that says John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You must also take into consideration this scripture Jude 1:7 Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.

I am here after the TRUTH, and I want you to be SET FREE for in John 8:32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

BE FREE and ASK HIM to show you the ways, homosexuality is a form of sin, it's a form of idolatry, it's a evil spirit, Why live in bondage when you can be free and have everlasting life.

Col 3:5 Mortify therefore your members which are upon the earth; fornication, uncleanness, inordinate affection, evil concupiscence, and covetousness, which is idolatry:

Be Blessed!!

Jhn 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

OK Ms. Jasmyne,

U and the gay community have played the card for the past 2 weeks. The man has apologized. You will not change his or any other bible believing CHRISTIAN mind and outlook on gay acceptance.

The very thing you folks felt he did, you are now doing. I've been reading yours and many other gay websites; you have now become the bigots, and viscous attackers. Now, I question your Christianity. Since you want to push around the bible to justify your case, push it and talk about the forgiving God that we serve. The bible talks about putting your hands on his anointed, and it's not for you to judge who God deems his servant, but do realize, if Bishop Owens has wounded you by his statement, God is the one to punish him. You and the Coalition of Black Gays, etc. are about to loose some key support because you’re over playing your card.

Initially, I too felt the way you and others feel, then I started reading comments from the gay community and boy, I thank God for the HOLY GHOST that still abide in me. Don't get it wrong, I have partaken in the lifestyle, but I give GOD THE GLORY that my mind is not of a reprobate status, and he still lives in me.

Take Bishop Owens’s apology and let’s move on, because those so called confused gay people in the church are now starting to see the true colors of the enemy in the form of you, Keith Boykin, NBJC, and the other gay groups.


As much as some people would like to believe that Jesus was a homosexual, I can state with all certainty that he was not because if he had been then he would have proclaimed the rightness of that condition.

Our Lord Savior was sent to deliver us from the darkness and proclaim the truth. He had no problem pointing out the fallacies in the religious teachings of his time. Jesus would not have felt the need to conceal a same-sex relationship and would have spoken of it proudly had that been his intent. Or, are they implying that he would have been afraid to do so for fear of alienating his followers? Why would our savior need to conceal his homosexual condition had he believed it to be right? Doesn't make sense.

People often say that Jesus never spoke out against homosexuality. Since I have never read the New Testament in its entirety, I honestly do not know if he did or not. But, from that line of reasoning, if Jesus did not speak out against pedophilia does that mean that he approved of it?

Surely Jesus must have known what had been previously written about sodomy and homosexuality. Far from condoning it, his silence on the subject would indicate that he concurred with the conclusions.

I too deplore the use of the words 'faggot' and 'sissy' that were used in the sermon. I reject those terms because they are disrepectful and even sinners should be treated with compassion and mercy.

All of us are given a particular cross to bear i.e., alcoholism, drug abuse, promiscuity, thievery, lying, homosexuality, etc. Overcoming these afflictions is what causes real spiritual growth.

No, homosexuality is not a way of life condoned by God. How do I know that? Not because of what was recorded in the bible but because in all of recorded history no society has exalted the relationhip of two people of the same sex. While some societies have tolerated the people who practiced it none have given that union a place of honor.

One would think that if same-sex relationships were normal that there would have been one society that practiced and condonded it. Because you're right, not all people are Christians yet even in so called pagan societies those unions were was not recognized on wide scale.

Are we so arrogant to believe that our century is the most enlightened one? That everyone who preceded us was ignorant for failing to recognize the rightness of same sex relationships? Even those who point to the Greeks and Romans who freely practiced homosexuality none can say that even they equated those unions with marriage.

Like someone stated earlier, the truth is known. It does not require a lot of sophisticated thinking to recognize the truth. In the case of same-sex unions, a lot of truth-twisting has to be done in order to validate its existence.

Yes, homosexuality has always existed, but so has pedophilia and mental illness. Some people are born without limbs or the ability to see or speak. It is also believed that some people are born with a predisposition for alcohol and drug abuse. So, yes, for them it is natural, but in no sense is it normal. So even if a person was born homosexual, that does not make it normal or desirable state.

In my admittedly limited experience, I have never met a homosexual that was truly content with their condition. Most have been plagued by depression and feelings of inadequacy no matter how loudly they proclaim their pride to the world.

It has been said that in End Times right will be deemed wrong and wrong right. It is sad to watch as people condemn the word of God to justify their sin of lust.

In closing, I pray that all people who consider themselves gay can one day find peace and foremost God.

Dennis Johnson

This is a blurb from GMCHC website, what a blast.

Greater Mt. Calvary Holy Church is a church where everybody is somebody. A church ordained by God where His children gather to worship and to be inspired by the preaching and teaching of His Word

Dennis Johnson

This is cathartic for some, ammo for others, and just plain boring to me. I DON'T CARE WHAT BISHOP OWENS OR ANY OTHER PERSON, WHO HAS NOT WALKED IN MY SHOES HAS TO SAY, IN THE NEGATIVE. Thank you Jasmyne, for keeping us informed. There are so many, things that need to be addressed in the African American community. Yet, WE contiue to exploit this issue. Bravo, for insensitivity


Let's face it! It's not Bishop Owens people are getting so uptight over. ITS THE WORD OF GOD! If you can't handle the truth the homosexuality is an sin and abomination in the eyes of God, then take that up with God. I'd love to see the outcome of that debate!!!!

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