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Sunday, April 16, 2006



Leave Patty alone. None of you niggas invited her to your church to give her a check. Sing on Patty....Sing on!!! The dome was packed with 40,000 straight, gay and bisexual people and received very positive press. I see you all talking....but nothing is being heard.

Mel Smith

Kevin, I have problems with the white so called CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVES because they are anti gay and many of them also supported segregation years ago. I think we must also hold black people accountable for contributing to our own oppression too. We must put the fools who do this in check! I still don't think we should attack Patti. We can't go around attacking people who our friends. My mom admire TD Jakes and I think he made some anti gay statements. We just have to challenge their backwards teachings.

Don "Stuffed Animal" Charles

I don't think Patti LaBelle is a bigot, but her feelings about Lesbians and Gay men may be more complicated than we know. Somebody needs to gently pull her coat about Bishop Long and point out the misconceptions that will result from her association with him. Needless to say, he is absolutely wrong. Bigotry, not homosexuality, is the sign of the fallen man. He is exactly what he accuses others of being. His understanding of Jesus's teachings is obviously superficial. The man needs to go back to Bible college and learn to stop twisting and distorting the Christian message.
Think of it . . . millions of misguided ministers like him all over the world! The damage they have done to Christianity over the centuries is inestimable. How can that damage ever be repaired?

Derrick from Philly

Patti's behavior is not unusual in the black community, y'all know that. Many black folks, especially black women, claim to love their gay relatives, co-workers, church members, etc.; yet they can be affiliated with some of the most savage homophobic black preachers in the country. Patti's love and acceptance of her gay following since the mid 1970's excuses her relationship with this hypocritical, empty-hearted preachin' nigguh. Still, I wish she wouldn't appear with him.


I agree, Patti must know about Long's homophobia based on the coverage of the anti-gay march and the fact that Julian Bond, chose not to attend King's funeral because of Long's support of anti-gay causes.

I have never been the biggest Patti fan, Chaka is my girl, though (but she needs to saty off of TBN, too). This will make me think hard before buying any more of Patti's music in the future.

Kevin E. Bynes

I would like to suggest to you, Mel Smith, that there are few things more white and mainstream than homophobia. It is when heterosexual and homosexual Blacks adopt homophobia that they align themselves with the the big-boogieman-white-mainstream.

As a Black GAY activist who believes we must hold our people who are not gay responsible for thier contribution to our oppression, I have grown tired of Blacks who suggest to do so is somehow aligning ourselves with the "white gay mainstream." What is more white and mainstream than bigotry and oppression.

Mel Smith

I'm a huge fan of Patti Labelle. Her and Bishop Long is cool too. Patti does not have anything to do with his backwards thinking. Therefore, I will always support her and you should too. Don't let homophobes forget that "heterosexual" does not only mean, "black." We must discuss Audrey Lorde, George Washington Carver, Benjamin Banneker, Lorraine Hansberry and other black homosexuals. The straight blacks must understand that they benefited from the above individuals. Therefore, they should not join white conservatives and stab us in the back. We won't win any battles by attacking our true friends. Patti Labelle is our true friend. The conservative anti homosexual whites are brainwashing some black people by creating gay vs. black. The National Black Justice Coalition must correct this.

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