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Sunday, March 05, 2006



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Monica Bremer

Oh, so ball originated from small contests involving groups of black or latino individuals. I never knew that! I must say this is a very interesting read. Well, the meaning of ball really has changed and evolved since the early years of the 1900s. It would be interesting to see how it would evolve even more in the future.


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here's a french article about voguing's history

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That history that this kids need to know you ask some of them they can'nt tell you now they can'nt tell that lie.

Ayira Issua

Ok, so Ive been gay for ever (Im onli 17) but I did not know all of this. Im so happy to have seen this site, because its not often as a new face to find out the things that I did reading this. Plenty of people have commented on my beauty and style. Making it a point to tell me that I should walk Drag realness or just realness . I dont neccersarily think I look like a drag more like a real woman but its always nice to hear. If you want to see how I look check me out on facebook my name is Ayira Issua. Ayira being my name, Issua just a practical joke to myself and friends. Maybe someone might like the way I look and want me in thier house. Smooches

Lilmommy Diamond

That history that this kids need to know you ask some of them they can'nt tell you now they can'nt tell that lie.

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i love paris.



Work Ms. Jasmyne! Bravo to you for putting it down about the history and fab sub-culture of the ballroom scene.

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