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Monday, March 27, 2006


charter jet

That's a great magazine feature!



Wow! LOL. Took them 60 years, but they finally did it.

We might note that John H. Johnson passed last year.


Same for me. I had stopped reading Jet (not because of the gay/lesbian issue)but just as with Bank of America and their new Olivia Bankcard geared toward lesbian women made me reconsider opening an account with them (even though I know it is all about the almighty dollar for them)I will reconsider supporting Jet magazine. Jasmyne, keep working at it gyrl. Liberty always comes in the end!

taylor Siluwé

Even IF it's rooted in malicious intent, young SGL women will grasp onto this like a lifesaver. I can feel their pride growing from here. Jet just inched up a notch in my book.

Thanks for sharing this. And welcome back.

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