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Tuesday, February 14, 2006


harry adam

You guys must be careful with what you say for you can judge the sin and not the person. Harry Adams

Apostle Janice D. Humbert

just pray for the bishop just like any body else he need prayer. And thats what God require us to do for each other. May the Lord God have mercy on us all. Amen


I love my Bishop, & I will continually keep him in my prayers. He has blessed my soul and continues to do so. I pray that he will find a wife who will love him for him and not his money, fame or fortune. Bishop deserves a good woman.

tamika brown

i really do luv noel jones. his sermons have tremendously blessed my life. i thank God for him and his powerful, life changing messages. i am sorry to hear the vicious speculations on him and i pray to God that if they're true, that God brings total deliverance to him in which I know that he is well capable of. Bishop, I luv you and I respect and honor you as the man of God you are! I drink and smoke a cigarette occassionally and no i'm not saying that it's right but it doesn't take away my sincerity of love for GOd. So I won't judge because to be honest, we all are one step from hell. It takes the grace and unconditional love of God to keep us afloat! Let's build each other up rather than pull each other down!!


Jesus was quick to tell - don't cast a stone...
John 8:7 NIV; But Jesus bent down and started to write on the ground with his finger. When they kept on questioning him, he straightened up and said to them, "If any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone at her."

I tell you the truth the drunk and prostitutes will be the first to enter heaven.
Much as evil is evil and remains as such,for anyone who profess Jesus in their lives know better to speak to a fallen brother / sister, pray for them OR force them into rehab. Try Job 42-Job's friends were correct but for judging him - God shunned them and restored Job who had fallen and God could only answer Job's prayers.
You can never know God's intetions with his people -let alone those who kick the devil's behind big time by winning Souls-Souls are precious to the Lord.

We all know even though we are all attacked by satan he targets those God uses mightily. Why? He wants the remaining Christians to be consumed all sorts of ugliness so he can hinder the move of the Sopirit of God.

If your eye is dark then your whole body is darkened.

*** Matthew 6:23
But if your eyes are bad, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light within you is darkness, how great is that darkness!
***Luke 11:34 Your eye is the lamp of your body. When your eyes are good, your whole body also is full of light. But when they are bad, your body also is full of darkness.

Let us rise-up brothers and sisters and use our time to pray people out of attcaks, to bless and behold the Lord - it's what God wants. What happenes to brother /sister if in sin
***Galatians 6:1
Doing Good to All, Brothers, if someone is caught in a sin, you who are spiritual should restore him gently. But watch yourself, or you also may be tempted.

Do you even realise what times these are? Jesus is coming soon and He warned that we should see to it that were not too involved in nothingness.... Jesus is coming soon!Be Alert that the devil doesnt keep you busy on his projects.

The Bride the Lord is coming for is without spot or wrinkle - hence clean up the mess that rises up in the church intsead of becoming party to that because thii is what happens if we get involved instead of correcting and rebuking.

Let's remember it can be any of us because we were all saved by the GRACE OF GOD it's nothing we did unless we deny that we are all sinners thus making GOD a liar - while in this body we reamin sinners in own strength except Holiness that we have through Christ Jesus. Grow-up church as God expects HOLINESS frome all of us.

***Romans 6:19- I put this in human terms because you are weak in your natural selves. Just as you used to offer the parts of your body in slavery to impurity and to ever-increasing wickedness, so now offer them in slavery to righteousness leading to holiness.

***2 Corinthians 7:1
Since we have these promises, dear friends, let us purify ourselves from everything that contaminates body and spirit, perfecting holiness out of reverence for God.

***Hebrews 12:14 - Make every effort to live in peace with all men and to be holy; without holiness no one will see the Lord.

These Leaders like Jimmy Swaggart God has given thm favour to win souls for Him because they are human they will falter like any of us, let's lift them up as we pary ourselves that we don't get entangled is sin. Stan is busy trying to trap us all.

May the grace of God abound for you all and your families and may be clothed in His Love tha covers many sins.

Don't condemn yourselves, repent and pray for the fallen brother / sister, rembering that judgement is only for us the righteous.

I pray often for the body it's my assignment from God - He made it loud and clear one can only pray if they have clear concience and that can only be achieved by constatnt true repentance and confeesions on sins.. else God doesnt answer your prayers it's in the Word and it cannot be broken NOR can God lie, He says it then IT IS!

God bless you!!


they should pray for the man of god!instead of talking so much gargage coming out of there mouths he that has not sin cast the first stone we all have sin andcome short of the glory of god.stoping talking and get closer to god please pray and get in tune with god for yourself.bishop you still a power man of god! i love you friend.


**Could you please remove this ad as soon as possible**

I a representive of Bishop Noel Jones

Effective Immediately please remove this ad we are monitoring and logging all information. This is a defamation of my clients character.

Thank you


WOW! This is so sad that a man his age, 60's will have this type of company in public. Neither woman is attractive or has class. Now, it makes sense why I've always had tremendous respect for Jakes and Morton's marriages! This is probably why his wife ended their marriage of 20 plus years. It's amazing how naive he is to attach these types of spirits to himself. Since the rumor was out about him being gay, this could explain why he's displaying these antics and with women young enough to be his daughter! (lol) No wonder TRUE women of God doesn't give him the time of the day. He's NOT REAL!! I'm 35 and wouldn't look his way. Poor man. I pray that he'll find the peace that he's in search of. WOW, go get em' Bishop Sugar Daddy!! Someone on my job told me review this link. What's the hype? If this man likes the company of younger women, WHY is this fabulous? Because he's an older man with an unattractive female?
As a young African-American male, this is not newsworthy and didn't make the front page of my state's newspaper and doubt if it made the front page of the LA Times. Let the old man enjoy his last days. IF he's out in public with these young women, he probably also has the same "crass" mentality as they. The Law of Attraction definitely attracts what you are to you. So everyone, don't waste time commenting because our economy and living in perilous times are more important than the old man getting his groove on!

While browsing, I saw this and saw it was a blog. It's funny to me because why would anyone care about who he is dating, married to or just "hanging" with? I agree with the young brother's statement BUT the others are being judgemental. One thing that I've learned is that no matter how much money people have, CLASS is innate. My husband and I attended Bishop's church for a season and I wasn't comfortable being in a setting where a pastor is worshipped and placed on a pedestal. There were other things that were out of order and I won't go into that. He would often speak about a wife and wanting an anointed wife. This man is privvy to meet many women and IF a wife is what he wants, he should get one! (lol) There are numerous rumors about him being gay and WHO CARES? He's preached about the ones that are in his family and personally, I feel that a lot of his sermons are basically therapy for him. We must realize that these men and women that God has called for a season are HUMAN and subject to err. In discerning both pictures and listening to his messages while attending, I see an older man that has lots of money but no fulfillment. Even though the smiles are there and posing for the camera, he is trying to find something that is missing in his life. No matter how people preach and shout, that doesn't mean that they have a TRUE relationship with Christ. Also, it's no longer about the anointing of God but ENTERTAINMENT and EMOTIONALISM in our churches. I wish him peace, love and joy and becoming content with growing older alone. You know, we can have a lot of people surrounding us but can still be lonely!! This is what I've always seen in Bishop Jones.
The other picture with what someone stated is a "call girl" is simply someone that he's met on-line and he's sampling the product from his FaithMate Internet dating site! (lol) It's so apparent that she is just there because there is no connection. Him on the other hand is clowning and grinning like the old black faces in the 40's because he's so happy someone is seen with him in public. Come on, discerning Christians see through the pretense. Since the great Bishop is content with women young enough to be his daughters, it speaks volumnes about his need to control. Why not get "quality" pictures of him with women that are on his "spiritual" level and have something that may be a little more intriguing to chat about. Hmmmmm.., he and Juanita Bynum would be perfect for each other because they enjoy staging their appearances!!!! (lol)

Hello Everyone. I've enjoyed reading the comments; especially, the one about his church being empty. The word here in LA is that the reason that his church is becoming empty because he gave 100%control to his attorney. Don't know why but this could explain the lack in attendance. Shouldn't the people have voiced their opinions. Regarding the photographs with these two women, why would anyone care? (lol) I agree with the young brother, let the old man enjoy his last days on earth. If he needs the publicity to garner support, let it be. What happened to trusting and believing God for a mate? Oops, I forgot, he is using FAITHMATE!! (lol)

You're so correct! Help them Lord. Time is getting shorter and shorter. IF these "men" of God are not living according to the Word but continue to prostitute the sheep of God, GOD PLEASE HELP THEM!! To EVERYONE that have made comments, pray that the sheep eyes are opened!! Sheep can be very dumb because they are helpless and easily persuaded. How else would these men or women of God become wealthy? In paying tithes and offerings, why give extra? IF the Lord places it upon your heart to give more, by all means! When you are forced to give and psychology is being used, DON'T because that is not of God!!

Yes, you are right NOEL JONES IS an alcoholic and a Whore!!! It doesn't matter is you are old or you...if he can not control you you are history. Check him out any night espcially at the Ritz Carlton In Marina Dl Ray and he'll order Grey Goose his drink of choice and his cheap ladies on the CITY OF Refuge payroll. Glynis, Loretta, Gale, Sharnee, Audrey, etc...thy tak turns sleeping with him...just to name a few...He has had several anointed ladies young and old but, when you ask him to get his life together he rebels. He has given control over to SCott Chapman his attorney, jish guy and he makes all the decisions of the church. Noel Jones needs and intrvention...before he drinks himself to the grav and to HELL...He does NOT want to change and want to whyne and preach it is never him...people are leaving his church...he also has impotence problems can not hold his bladder...I think it is from all those STD's he had!
He need to get delivered and get his life together...sad

He needs an intervention...did someone say AA & SA? Had to the Ritz Carlton in Maina Del RAY on WED, FRI, etc He has a bad drinking and sex addiction. I know it first hand...too many so called finds want to keep it on the low, but they do not respect just getting what they need...money, prestige...Has girlfriends on the church payoll; Sharnee Canon, Loetta, Glynis, Audrey, Gayle...the list goes on...he is a bitter, huting man...sad
For you to address it is indeed questioning what I've always suspected that the good Bishop is gay but fronting with these women. I witnessed several interesting things when I visted his church. His armour bearer has a broken wrist!! (lol)Even though there is a wedding ring on his hand, I got this bad discernment about the situation. Sure, a pastor should accept people into his congregation BUT if you're a STRAIGHT man and comfortable around gays and people that are on the shady side, I question your judgment. He appears to be vulnerable and I've heard that all of his siblings are GAY!! This could explain why he's so comfortable!!(lol) More than likely, he isn't speaking against this sin and into their lives about getting it right. The man that I witnessed with him is tall but something is not right. Here in LA, it's ALWAYS been stated that he's gay. He use to talk about getting married and no pun intended but she has to be DESPERATE to marry him!!! (lol) A younger woman with no money, would connect with him like these just to have the status and his money. What a lonely and sad soul....Now it makes sense why he has all of these "hurting" messages. Since his church is clearing out, no one is there to listen. Like the best of the best, he's slowly spiraling down the ladder.
I find all of these comments interesting; especially, the two that are apparently inside this man's camp! Whether his friends want people to know about his "sexual" and "drinking" addictions, what's done in the dark will ALWAYS surface to the light. WHY would he give a Jewish man 100% control of his church? Are they sexual partners? There are spiritual shiftings occurring within the Body of Christ. For him to start out with Godly intentions but to be at this level, he is in dire need of help. Also, WHY is he bitter and hurting? Does he have HIV or AIDS? If what you've reported is true, these are the consequences of his actions. Just because he "appears" to have wealth and enjoy sleeping with cheap women in his church, he's really low and may not have what people assume that he has. IF he doesn't have repentance, he will drink himself to death and lift up his eyes in hell. I do not feel sorry for the Bishop! The Word of God states that for those of us that KNOW the right way and do not follow will be WHIPPED with many stripes.
It's just so sad................really sad.........but God is exposing those who refused to repent and those who were using HIM for their own glory. He will expose them!

Monica Roberts

Isn't her brother Noel hanging out with Donnie McClurkin these days?


this is cool...i agree!


Angela Odom

Oh, and incidentally, in the fashion world she has always been known to be bisexual.

Well, her younger sister, Pamela Jones, is also a lesbian and has been in a longterm relationship with Juliett for some time.


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