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Sunday, November 06, 2005



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Choosen One

First of all the woman who called Al Sharpton and Jessy Jackson "has beens" should be ashamed of herself and anyone else for that matter, if it were not for them a lot of movements that got started by King, Malcolm, Marcus Garvy, Booker T and Douglas would not be carried on. (If you don't know about these great men read up on African American History which is also American History). Plus she calls herself a christian and is going to talk about people. To be a true christian you should not talk about others; also lie, cheat, steal and raise hell....that's what's going on in a lot of churches today by people who call themselves Christian's and they have the nerve....throwing stones and stones should be thrown at them... so called fake Christians who try to act like Christians only in church, you know who you are. Get a grip people....I'm a Christian but have issues with the church because of all the hypocrites in the church. According to the bible there's a lot of stuff we should not do...again cheat, lie, steal, whoring, talk about others... but nobody's doing sermons on that. I rather hang out with a gay person then a crack head, liar, or whore...these people are the lowest of the low all three of them will rob you blind.


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i am anything BUT conservative or a traditionalist dear...

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Your campaign did ruffle a lot of feathers ... and in my book, that just shows you were doing something right.


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I think what you and Keith Boykin are doing is a fantastic service to the gay community.

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As long as we are talking about lies coming from the Pulpit how about the biggest lie and propaganda of our modern time, which is pay God your tithes or be cursed. First off the Malachi 3:8 curse was said to Jews under the Old Covenant of 613 Jewish laws and seven feast. They also lie and say Abraham and Jacob paid tithes. What they fail to say is that they gave a one time tenth, this is not the same as faithful ongoing tithing. They fail to tell you that Gentiles (non-Jews) were not in Covenant with God but were grafted in by Grace (free unearned favor) through faith. According to Galatians 3:13 "Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law by becoming cursed on the Cross for us. Pastors also fail to explain that circumcision of all male babies on the 8th day of their life, Sabbath keeping (no activity from Friday to Saturday night) and a whole bunch of Jewish customs, laws and ceremonies were required by God yet they emphasis only one- the tithe law. After reading my bible from Genesis to Revelation I was shocked to learn that Christians have been given free Grace at no charge for every necessity because of the payment Jesus made not because of our tithe payments. So in essence they all twist the truth regardless of sexual orientation no one in infallible or without error.

shone lowin

See today you were right about eddie long.


its the fakeness ppl hate whether its rappers preachers politicians lawyers whoever. The guy is gay and like mlk daughter who is likely gay too. They have too much hate! Thats the problem. Hagaard etc. and the "predatory behavior. Jesus said NOTHING abot gays. How can you speak about gay activity in graphic detail as Long di and not be in it? Creflo dollar whole fake tbn crew. Hinn divorced now. Rem ths dfake log lost hi sjob for lying about expense acct. and this is his 2nd wife. Jesus said no divorce so why u gay hater dont focus on that, fornicators yourselves. Relax and chill gays are 10% pop Muslims are gay too. Relax but dont be predators hetero or homo.


LOL, I find it insane that the Gay world feels that no one should question thier lifestyle. Really!!! If you are gay be Gay but pastors real pastors must not back this lifestyle as a Godly life style. Im not anti Gay but listen THE BIBLE does not support the gay life style. Do I care if you are Gay NOPE. BE GAY if thats what you are. HOWEVER, please dont be so stupid and myopic that you just have to jump off the ledge when some one questions your lifestyle. BY the way it sucks to be accused of anything. judge not lest yea be judged!!!


Jasmyne, Well, here we are on the night that Eddie Long has been revealed as a hypocrite. You had the intuition and foresight to know that those individuals shouting the loudest about homosexuality are hiding something about themselves. Bishop Long has been using his power and position to manipulate young boys to preform oral sex on him while traveling around the world. Thank you for your efforts to reveal the truth.

The Rev. Mark Johnson

With great hesitation do I make this comment. First, let me declare, "I love the God and I believe God loves me." God proves God's love by allowing me to worship, and be in righteous relationship with all I come accross. Even when my enemies (or those that consider me their enemy) encamp around me. I go back to God my all! Simply, let's stop hating each other and love all enspite of our own interpretations of God's Word his will we will find at judgement day!


Many black prominent black pastors are homosexual. T.D. Jakes is homosexual. Although I agree with your project I disagree with your reasoning behind it and your lifestyle choice.

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"So you see, claiming that you are a man or woman of God does not automatically elevate you to sainthood, at least not in my book."

That statement alone illustrates how ignorate you are what it means to be a man or woman of God.

We are all born in sin and have sin nature. Because a man or woman believes in God provides him/her forgiveness not absolution. Every action has a consequence, no exemptions.

dominique charbonnet

First of all jasmyne, you and keith are wrong to ousting people because they speak out against gay/homosexuals. Just like you believe you have rights, these people have the right not to agree with homosexuality. You and keith must have plenty of extra energy to take the time peer into others lives. I can't seem to find the extra time after God,work, school and my family to be concerned with how someone else is living. Like some of you homosexual like to say let God be the judge then practice it. As for the post of the lesbian who say she love God. You are greatly decieve if you think that you will spend eternality with the Holy Father of heaven and Our Lord Jesus Christ. God said in word or did you skip that part while you were reading, (if you even read at all) that the effiminate will not see the kingdom of heaven. God does not hate homosexuals He hate what they do. You need to be deovered and accept what God made you to be a woman to be with a man not another woman. If you ask me that just plain ole nasty. Oh by the way it is not God's fault you are gay. I you and keith have fun swimming in the lake of fire. Turn to Jesus before it is to late.

"I find it hard to believe that someone who has never been to hell and does not know for a fact who’s in hell, knows that I am going to hell. Until you can send me a link to a Mapquest with clear directions on how to get to Lucifer’s lair, I reserve the right to question your claim that I am going to hell, or even heaven for that matter."

"I feel especially duty bound to take up the issue of homophobic Black pastors so that they can redeem themselves before it’s too late and go to heaven with me and everyone else, including lesbian and gays that have earned a place up there."

Matthew 7:13

"Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it."

For a person who's not so convinced about heaven or hell, you seem to have your reservations in Heaven, signed, sealed and delivered. And if you're no so convinced about heaven or hell, why are you so concerned about the church in the black community? Just live your life. After all, God will judge, right? In deed He will, and He will judge us based on how well we followed the instructions in His Holy Word. That is the "Mapquest" which will direct you into heaven or hell. Just as you feel duty bound to take up the issue of what you perceive as homophobic pastors and christians, those of us who are christians and our pastors feel just as duty bound to take up the issue of winning souls to Christ by preaching the word of God outlined in the Holy writ and we will be just as vocal in trying to reach those who want to change and who want to be reached. You can't pick and choose which parts of the bible you won't to follow. God will never back up what He has condemned in his Holy Word, and although none of us have ever been to hell, I sure wouldn't want to find out the reality of it when it's too late (most of us have never been to the North Pole either, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't exist). So I'm gonna take my chances and believe that the Word of God means just what it says about both places, and how to reach one and avoid the other. I would suggest you do the same. God bless you and I hope that you will someday be redeemed so that you can, in fact, join us in the biggest celebration of all time, being reunited with our Lord and Saviour!


Sounds like you and Keith have more of an issue with God and not the men of God. The issue is moreso with the inate tendency for the homosexual to debate the authority of the bible. That's cool. I'm a lesbian, love God and do acknowledge the right and wrong in His word. His word clearly states that being a homosexual is not his perfect will for my life (he never said not to be homosexual), but nevertheless he loves me and I am assured of spending eternity with him. Something deep inside of you is troubling you....as if you need confirmation, validation or something. Hope you find the peace you are looking for and maybe outing these pastors helps you somehow therapeutically. Unfortunately, 99% of the ones you've targeted are not homosexuals. Yes, they are wrong for putting down the homosexual, but that is through ignorance. Perhaps if some homosexuals that aren't as angry as you and Keith can help to inform these folks with civility, you may get somewhere. As a member of the homosexual community your approach was quite embarassing and ghetto. That is one big reason why I don't embrace the GAY LIFESTYLE. Too many hateful and prejudicial folks hiding behind their rainbow flags for me. Unfortunately, the pastors targeted have many homosexual members that love and support them dearly and millions of followers. The funny thing is....you were ignored. They are still standing their ground and haven't been moved. And now, you all are trying to get clowns like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson on your bandwagon which most blacks with good sense have long ago lost respect for those two has beens. What was your point again???

Hello Jasmyne...

I just read your article on the outing of preachers, and I thoroughly loved it (not only because I agreed with it, but because it was so well-written and clever). I think what you and Keith Boykin are doing is a fantastic service to the gay community.

I propose that you broaden the scope of your project and take it other gay organizations. I think your tactics would well serve us in battling the Frists, DeLays, and Santorums of this world. We need this sort of no-nonsense approach to deal with these idiots.

Anyway, thank you very much for your hard work. Good luck on all future projects.

Best to You... Ronald Bomia

taylor Siluwé

Your campaign did ruffle a lot of feathers ... and in my book, that just shows you were doing something right.

Keep those feathers flying ......


Hint. Navy blue type on a black background (link to Boykin website) is illegible.

a thomas c


i am anything BUT conservative or a traditionalist dear...

i take issue with the method, plain and simple...

they asked a question...i'm giving an answer that isn't necessarily what folks want to hear...but i have to right to answer it...


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