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Thursday, November 17, 2005


Gail Jones

Eddie is definitely gay, and has been struggling with it for years. I'm glad he is finally coming to terms with it.

ama williams afini

eddy murphy gay? as we say in nigeria, na wao. God help us to be that which he creats us to be




does it really matter if he is gay or not? like i always say how does eddie or any other person being gay affect you all? fact is life goes on everyday people die and people give birth fact is life goes on people please stop hating if eddie is gay or straight or bi that's his business we r not the ones to cast judgement on no one cause none of u all r perfect and the guy is very funny and he makes great movies and stop saying hateful things about him just cause he likes men. Cause at the end of the day we all have our own lives to live and life is to short to sit around living the way others want us to live, so people take my advice stop making GAY and lesbian people an issue cause it is not an issue so instead of focusing on something that is not an issue focus on more important things like how to stop world hunger.

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j winters

its not coool to be gay or bi
sexual its very not cool people need to read those bible its a low down dirty shame that these stars r in the closet freaks eddie ur mom will be very disa pont....

j winters

if eddie is gay its sad man i coundnt stomach it if there faggs ill throw all his movies away ....upset wit j gill.

Arlyn Willett

The whole idea of judging anyone, is not our job. I have experienced God through the grace of his son Jesus, personally. I will witness my experiences with Him for the rest of my life. If you want to know how God feels about something, read his word and pray to him. He will reveal to your heart, what is right and what is wrong.

Jerry Leach

People that are gay might have demons, but what about those demons that you have to let you outright destroy them on this post. That woman who washed Jesus' feet with her hair and tears was a whore, but he loved her and did not call her that. The LUST OF YOUR FLESH AND YOUR BIG HATEFUL MOUTH is going to carry you to hell too Miss Oct 13, 2009 @ 1:27 pm!


Mandy= hypocrite. Why don't you practice what you preach? Stupid female.


The first poster is a stupid, gay ass ho.


Wow! Straight people are SLOW!!! Don't want to see or know the truth about anything. I say keep lying to them, that's the only way closeted homosexuals in Hollywood will remain rich and successful.

It's like that Robin Harris joke, "Bitch, I'm going to the moon, I'll be back in a couple of days.

"Well you be careful!"

Sell straight people heterosexuality and they will buy all of it!


Axel Foley is not gay. He's prolly had so many women he has to switch shit up! Lol oh and dumb ass from up top! Obama is half white too. So your black president you claim to have is my president to you racquet fuck. It stupid fucks like you that set us back to the fucking 50's and give man kind a bad name you piece of shit!

Colleen Williams

There is too much ignorance in this world. Every person deserves their right to privacy and this is no ones business!


Who cares if they are gay. It's thier lives let them live it. And as far as heaven and hell goes, none of you can save them. So why not let God do his work and you do yours. Pray for lost souls, not condemn

junious jones

i find it funny that when people are making the religous case it's always about homosexuality being wrong. adultry and fornication tread the same waters, not that i'm making the same case. i find it very hard to beleive in something i can never see, but that's just me. i personally don't care if they or anyone else is gay. if you're cool with me, then you're cool with me. i've enjoyed johnnie gill's music and still do along with eddie murphy's movies. i'm not gay and i believe i was born that way. if i can be born straight then i belive that someone can be born gay.




Beinq qay is NOT the lifestyle God planned for man or woman he made EVE for ADAM && ADAM for EVE not EVE for EVA && ADAM for ADEN .. people we qotta qet this riqht ... the user who said you will have to stand before God .. this is ashamee ...


I mean just because you go to a gay bar don't make you gay... but why would two grown ass men walk out of a gay night club? Id rather see them walking out of a strip club then a gay night club...just makes the situation seem more SUSPECT if you ask me....it rerally wouldnt suprise me cause these days everybody is coming out the closet....whoknows maybe R kelly will finally have the guts to come clean lol


Idon't think Eddie Murphy is gay and I certainly don't think our President is gay; if he was that would be ALL OVER the news because the WHITE MAN HATE OUR BLACK PRESIDENT and they dislike Eddie Murphy.(QUIET AS ITS KEPT)

Poker Bonus

Very interesting. I don't think is a gay.

all women stalk

what??? that was shocking news. I don't really know Eddie but I've seen some of his movie when I was a kid, thriller, action, etc. And watching those movies, never thinks that he's a gay. Anyway if ever that story was true, lets just let him do what ever he wants and to what ever he's happy to do.How do you think this happen? What are those possible reasons why this guy becomes Homo? Well lets just wait for the next news.



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I don’t have anything else to include on to your article – you basically spelled everything out. great read.


MAN, if they're REALLY gay,...then I'm gonna be SHOCKED! :O

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