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Thursday, May 05, 2005



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Buy Cialis

I've been reading his works and I think he is one of the best poets. I don't care about his sexual preferences or believes, I just enjoyed his poems. Tongues Untied was an inspirational masterpiece. Absolutely.

Dark Cock

Comment is vague" why simply. Ignoring the
occurance yes, they rationalized. By excluding Blacks from the seen! Anger and
ready to fight economically most clubs. Have
close major clubs which cater to Whites. Recession hits us all, my concern conservative ugly. Obese bottoms are the problem the. Queens resent non White men
getting. Attraction yes American many move
to west coast. Still racist I dated many White men. Yes, nothing but another male to me. When enter clubs your ignored so San Francisco is. Liberal city like Hell people
be free. If live SF you do have to be. Apart of Castro commercial culture. So fuck
you olde no cock bottoms! Mark still is unhappy and so called support! Has cease!!!!

Ms. Somethang

Disagree there many factors besides. This
incident most prefer there on culture. Yes,
besides laws tell me, has intergration. Quelled, the racial indifference growing up.
In St. Louis and living in Europe. Yes, Black okay? Never had problem in Europe the
trashy. Black Thug bottoms along, White tattoo trash cause. This mishap simply, if you decline advancements. Most of these attitudes cause the strive! I know when they
approach me. Simply decline and gotten into fights also! Mark is lucky to be alive we can learn. More police yes there good and bad! Blacks Gays in Bay area harass you. And
disrespect you no acknowledge this there trashy! Always in your face were in Rainbow world. Not color lines as straights still.
San Francisco does not relex all White gays!
Before Blacks say racism let's respect one another. Just slander and doing harm okay!

miss new orleans

How did I know I'd find this on Jasmyne Cannick. She is the greatest racist of all. I will encourage Chuck Knipp to perform at Badlands unannounced.......Try to picket that!

Zack Prather

Harvey Milk fought so hard for all of us in the LGBT community. I am really peeved to hear, as an African-American bisexual, that this has happened. Amongst other types of direct outreach work for our community, I have written to the media about the way we are portrayed in advertising, and cannot help but see and understand that white corporate attitudes towards us are part of why Black LGBTs are viewed as undersirable, less than capable of entrepreneurship, and worthless as life partners - whether in sport, academia, business, life, or adventure.

I do want to add, finally though, that I also cherish the solid fact there ARE so many non-Black Americans who fight for all LGBTs - and, some fight exclusively for the dignity and welfare of Black-Americans LGBTs. Thanks to them...and, thanks to the recent HRC study, of which I am certain Mr. Milk would have been proud.

If we cannot have an LGBT community that embraces all people - and refuses to isolate LGBTs of color, how can the community-at-large expect LGBTs of color to be eager to come out, speak up, or engage in professions requiring visibility? What does this say to U.S. heterosexuals about the way we are still treated - and why would we expect them to value us more than we value ourselves? What hope is there for the Black LGBT destiny, and the Black LGBT American dream? And most importantly, what kind of legacy do we hope to pass to the next genertation, if American LGBT consumers of color still face corporate discrimination in our own community without swift, effective remedy?


"I am solely attracted to BLK men, thus to read of racial discrimination in this day and age is both ridiculous and disheartening."

You've just expressed racial discrimination and discomfort with racial discrimination in one sentence!

Comparable? Of course not. Racism is not a two-way street -- it is dependent on imbalance of power. But learn to distinguish between opposing racism -- laudable -- and opposing racial discrimination -- which you just practiced.

D A Fraser

I live in Canada but try and get to SFO as often as I can; my favourite bar in the city is The Pendulum as I am solely attracted to BLK men, thus to read of racial discrimination in this day and age is both ridiculous and disheartening. I shall continue to cross the erzats colour line as I am all for diversity: "Vive la Difference!"


Kaya Nati was such a warrior...and like many other, myself included, who've gone to the BayArea's Castro with the expectation of finding affirmation, we are sorely reminded that white people are still white people. it's not justification enough that one is gay to validate racial sensitivity. fortunately this movement to hold Natali and other accountable. The other thing we need to consider is pulling financial and cultural resources together to build our own black sgl friendly communities. The point is not to segregate ourselves in a black gay ghetto (the larger black community needs us to be present), but to provide social spaces of safety where we don't have to contend with the ironic black homophobia or gay racism that makes our lives doubly difficult when we are just being who we are. for more about Kaya: www.kayanati.com, a site that was created to respect and honor his legacy.


I do sincerely hope that this situation will facilitate a discussion across this country. Living here in Denver, while I can not attest to discrimination within LGBT establishments, I will say that racism is in the community at large. I agree that we all need to address our peers, friends and family about our racism.


This is sad when I read this because the LGBT community has to go through so much discrimination when dealing with non-LGBT individuals. I think the community needs to join together as one because it would make us a more powerful voice. Everyone who does not pay attention to these issues. PLEASE WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!

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